KORE, www.koretelematics.com, continues to provide global M2M connectivity solutions with its latest announcement during CTIA’s Super Mobility Week.

KORE says it has completed the transition and recertification of MobileHelp’s, www.mobilehelpnow.com, M-PERS (Mobile-Personal Emergency Response System) devices from 2G to 3G network access. The transition to 3G enables the M-PERS devices to work across the United States and keeps subscription costs affordable for users and their family members.

These alerting devices are integrated with nationwide wireless voice, data, and GPS technology to deliver realtime medical monitoring services, along with location tracking for personal emergency assistance. The M-PERS devices allow anyone with a medical condition to live independently by giving them access to emergency assistance when they need it with just the click of a button.

The transition to 3G connectivity is also vital because of expected 2G shutdown in 2017. Robert Flippo, president and CEO, MobileHelp, says, “With outright 2G shutdown scheduled for 2017 and network coverage expected to be impacted negatively even between now and then, it’s been paramount for us to get our devices onto 3G as quickly as possible. KORE helped us carry out every aspect of the transition, from device certification to provisioning, quickly and with minimal financial burden.”

M2M technologies are becoming essential in the healthcare industry. With the healthcare industry increasingly taking advantage of M2M, MobileHelp recognizes the need for 3G connectivity.

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