SAN FRANCISCO–()–Mobilogy, a Cellebrite company and leading mobile phone technology innovator, proudly announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company patent number 9,726,730,B2 for its breakthrough in mobile battery testing. Mobilogy’s patented battery health test provides lab-quality battery health results for Android and iOS devices in under two minutes to improve operational efficiency and customer experience throughout the mobile ecosystem.

Battery complaints drive more consumers to their retailers and wireless carriers than any other phone issue. This kicks off a frustrating cycle of unproductive troubleshooting, customer dissatisfaction, and unnecessary replacements of phones and batteries. The issue extends into high volume repair and refurbishment centers where line managers struggle to protect thin margins with inaccurate tests that increase looper rates or lengthy testing methods that produce more reliable results but increase cost and turn-around time.

“Many battery testing methods simply query battery parameters. While quick, these tests tend toward higher error rates,” said Amit Gross, Head of Research at Mobilogy and inventor of the technology. “Our method dives much deeper to produce accurate results in minutes that are on par with solutions that take hours to complete.”

Mobilogy’s patent covers software-based assessment of battery voltage drop after a series of activities that consume power. The resultant values are then compared to thresholds stored in a database to determine the health of the battery. Mobilogy adds that the “gold standards” against which test results are viewed are part of the company’s ever-growing big data repository. Gross explains what this means for the future of battery testing.

“As the volume of our data grows, the machine learning we employ means that every battery testing session contributes to greater accuracy.” Gross continues, “Our benchmarking showed our accuracy to be comparable to the industry’s leading testing solutions. Eventually, there will be no comparison.”

This exclusive technology is available only from Mobilogy as part of its Triage and Diagnostics solutions. Mobilogy’s repair and refurbishment center customers can use the simple self-configuration tools in the Mobilogy MD management console to build triage workflows that automate the patented battery test (or any other of the dozens of available automated and manual tests) on up to 40 devices simultaneously. Retailers and wireless operators can take advantage of Mobilogy’s battery test as part of Mobilogy Diagnostics, a full suite of mobile diagnostic tools that improve the customer experience by detecting and correcting common phone problems.

Moshe Lipsker, VP R&D at Mobilogy, lauded the technological achievement. “This breakthrough demonstrates our commitment to delivering industry-changing innovation to improve operational efficiency and customer experience across the mobile lifecycle. Now, mobile repair technicians and customer care professionals no longer need to sacrifice quality for speed when it comes to determining a battery’s health.”

To learn more, visit the new Mobilogy website at or visit our booth at Mobile World Congress Americas – West Hall, Stand 328.

About Mobilogy – a Cellebrite company

Mobilogy, formerly Cellebrite Mobile Lifecycle, is a world leader in providing Operators, Retailers, Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers and Enterprises, with advanced mobile lifecycle solutions to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, improve satisfaction, enhance security and reduce cost.

With delivery channels in-store, on-device and over the web, customers can take advantage of Mobilogy’s full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions: diagnostics, phone-to-phone content transfer, backup, restore, wipe, automated phone buyback, and application and content delivery. In addition, Mobilogy offers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities.

Mobilogy’s global leadership is demonstrated through its deployment of over 75,000 units at more than 100 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 50,000 outlets handling tens of millions of transactions per year.

Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company (6736/JQ).