While many health devices measure such things as calories, steps, and sleep, one company has developed a way to track one’s physiological age by looking from the inside out.

iHeart is a new device created by Canadian bio-tech startup, Vitalsines, www.iHeartalive.com, which measures aortic stiffness. In using this device, a person can look into his or her inner health and find their physiological age, which tells whether a person is aging faster or slower than their chronological age.

Results from monitoring aortic stiffness can be used as a heart health indicator and help to predict the probability of death from all causes. Aortic stiffness leads to tightness in the chest and abdominal cavities, creating a deterioration of all organ systems.

Use of the iHeart Bluetooth fingertip oximeter can produce information regarding the arterial pulse signal in 30 seconds. Results are gathered and forwarded to one’s iPhone or iPad through the free iHeart Physiological Age app. The display reveals an aortic stiffness score and physiological age, which can be stored on one’s mobile device as well as sent to a free, personal iHeartalive.com webpage. On this Webpage, a person can look at past recordings to see how things have changed, communicate with other users, and locate fitness, diet, and lifestyle resources assembled by wellness professionals.

Developers view iHeart as more of a health and wellness educational tool, and not a medical device.

Dr. Jess Goodman, MD, president, Vitalsines, says, “We want to provide people with a system that objectively shows how positive lifestyle choices extend lifespan. We see iHeart as a product that is complimentary to other fitness tools on the market. iHeart is a window to the life sustaining world within. It gives people the positive reinforcement to continue with their positive lifestyle changes.”

Launched back in October through crowdfunding Website Indiegogo, www.indiegogo.com, the iHeart System is available for $149.99 through the www.iHeartalive.com store. Indiegogo’s launch price is $99.99.

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