It’s a data-driven world and the medical realm is far from an exception. In fact, the way data is gathered and handled in the healthcare space is of utmost concern to both patients and clinicians alike, leading many companies to develop various data-related technology solutions to address the market’s unique requirements.

In part by digitizing data and making it available from anywhere, connected devices such as iPads are changing the way healthcare is delivered. One company, Seamless Medical Systems,, a provider of digital solutions for the healthcare industry, has launched a cloud-based patient engagement platform for pharmacy and retail clinics called SNAP Express Rx.

The company, which also offers the SNAP Practice Patient Engagement Platform for medical clinics, hopes SNAP Express Rx will enhance engagement for pharmacy patients as well as coordination of clinical care. The enterprise solution replaces traditional paper-based methods of gathering patient data, such as clipboards and paper forms, with iPads.

Seamless Medical Systems says the solution features a bi-directional data exchange with EMR (electronic medical records) systems, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and even enhancing data quality by eliminating the middleman (the data inputter). SNAP Express Rx also eliminates the need to print, scan, fax, and shred documents that contain sensitive patient information.

A company called Magpi,, is also aiming to take the “paper” out of “paperwork.” In the medical field, the company hopes to streamline workflow for healthcare organizations looking to make mobile data collection and communication easy.

Magpi, formerly DataDyne, recently launched Magpi 2.0, which offers improved mobile data collection and messaging features for various industries. The company says it helps organizations develop flexible mobile forms, access realtime data, and generate outgoing SMS and voice-messaging campaigns. In healthcare, this could include patient surveys, research, and broadcast messaging via simple Web interface.

As the world continues to go digital, healthcare seems behind the times, often still relying on paper processes and disconnected information systems. New technology solutions are helping to streamline workflow and improve the way data is collected and handled.

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