Dedicated to designing, developing, and manufacturing communications equipment for the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), Multi-Tech Systems,, has announced a device that can quickly develop and test LoRa end-point functionality. The solution will benefit a range of industries that are leveraging M2M and the IoT, including agriculture, energy, building automation, and smart cities.

The global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices has named its new device MultiConnect mDot Box. Because it’s handheld and portable, MultiTech’s MultiConnect mDot Box will lend itself well to LoRa site surveys, the company says. MultiTech has also announced a LoRa proof-of-concept developer board. LoRa is a wireless technology that enables low data rate communications over long distances, making it ideal for M2M and IoT applications.

Both new devices display key information on an LCD screen, including temperature, ambient light, pressure, and electrical current. The MultiConnect mDot Box also includes GPS connectivity, enabling site surveys and location-based proof-of-concept testing.

By helping industrial IoT users quickly and cost effectively validate LoRa IoT applications and proof of concepts, MultiTech hopes the devices will help its customers bypass the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills. Such tools will be key in helping more companies in more industries leverage the IoT.

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