All three finalists in LoRa Alliance IoT Challenge showcase how LoRa® technology can make the world a better place using MultiConnect® ConduitTM IoT Starter Kit for LoRa Technology

Mounds View, MN – March 9, 2017 — Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced that its MultiConnect Conduit IoT Starter Kit for LoRa Technology was used in the development of all three application finalists for the 2017 LoRa Alliance™ IoT Challenge.

This year’s global IoT challenge focused on creating a safer and smarter sustainable world with four solution submission categories: food, water, health and safety. Entrants submitted a description of their LoRaWAN™ solution from one of the four focus categories and included the benefits, how it will be deployed or utilized, and a prototype of the sensor or sensing solution. Finalists received transportation and lodging to Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona where the winner of the challenge was named.


OMEDS, William Powers of Pix Controller

The OMEDS solution detects Methane gas build up before a serious health and safety issue occurs. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Methane is responsible for 25% of global warming and traps 80 times more heat than Carbon Dioxide. Moreover, according the U.S. National Institute for Health Methane in its gas form is an asphyxiant, which in high concentration may displace the oxygen supply humans need for breathing, especially in confined spaces. Decreased oxygen can cause suffocation and loss of consciousness. Methane exposure also can cause headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and loss of coordination.


IoTree, Tal Yechye and Zvika Grinberg of Agrint,

IoTree leverages LoRaWAN to monitor the health of palm trees. According to Mother Nature Network, more than 2500 species of palm trees around the world provide critical staples including palm oil and coconut as well as dates, betel nuts and acai fruit. Moreover, palm trees are revered as religious symbols across religious and geographic boundaries. As many as 100 species of palm trees are currently endangered.

MedFridge, Piers Lawrence of KU Leuven

Cold chain is of critical importance to the medical community for the transport of temperature sensitive medications, blood and other biomedical supplies. MedFridge’s solution ensures temperatures are maintained during the transit of medicine to developing countries to preserve and ensure the medicine is safe to administer to those in need.

The MultiConnect Conduit IoT Starter Kit for LoRa Technology provides everything needed to rapidly get a LoRa proof of concept up, running and connected to the cloud – all in one box.  The MultiConnect Conduit IoT Starter Kit enables the user to obtain sensor information and display it in the cloud within minutes of opening the box.  The starter kit features the MultiConnect Conduit – the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable cellular communications gateway for industrial IoT applications as well as MultiConnect® mDot™ end points, a developer board, a network site survey test tool and all the cables and antennas required to bring a ground-breaking idea to life.

“We identified the potential of LoRa technology to transform not only our industry, but indeed, the world early on,” said Daniel Quant, Vice President of Product Management and Strategic Marketing at MultiTech. “These are exactly the type of applications for which we developed our LoRa product line and the starter kit. We couldn’t be more delighted to see these outstanding innovators putting this technology to work to change our world for the better.”

The second annual LoRa Alliance IoT Challenge was sponsored by the Red Cross in Kenya and focused on improving the lives of those living in marginalized communities. The winning entry now travels to Kenya for testing in collaboration with the Red Cross.

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