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During the offseason we have spent considerable time looking at the M2M industry’s farm system. So there’s only one thing really left to do and that’s to look at the major league players to round out the Fall League for the CW 100. The CW 100 list represents the largest and most effective firms contributing nearly 85% of all the commitments made by the majority of M2M players in the marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have more information about each of these firms listed on the CW 100? Until now, the CW 100 outlined the top performing companies’ strength and number of customer references; strength of business model and product/service portfolio; establishment in the market: revenue, partnerships, employees; momentum/activity in last 12 months; growth potential; customer responses based on research in interviews; stability of M&As (mergers and acquisitions) or uncertainly due to M&A; active involvement in and support for the connected world community, including event participation and marketing; and other intangibles including input from market observers, customer research, and industry experts. But it stopped by not telling you how they compare to each other.

There’s a lot of talent, the players are increasing, and they are getting better than expected as the market grows. We have all-time stats. For more than a decade you have relied on the CW 100 to know what’s happening with the companies that are shaping M2M and now what is being termed the IoT (Internet of Things) or Internet of Everything.

These new rankings will be remarkably different than when it was launched 12 years ago. The ranking part of the list should keep you busy for a while sifting through such things as: Is your favorite company on this list? Is your company on this list? What company is missing? What are they ranked? Our team of editorial experts at Connected World magazine painstakingly compiles this list on a yearly basis and it takes a lot of diligence to conduct the research.

The CW 100 is not just about listing the best companies. It is now about ranking companies that earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service, monitoring, and support of the M2M community. The primary objective of the CW 100 is to present an account of the size of the market served by the 100 providers and to rank the firms by their contribution to the marketplace. We take much pride in the fact we are the only firm that correlates business performance with quantified data to support our findings. We have proprietary analytic tools that measure the impact of each company on the marketplace including the effectiveness on the market, influence on financial performance.

The CW 100 prides itself on being a showcase for the companies that are shaping the connected world arena. As I stated earlier, we have been continuously collecting data for decades. The CW 100 provides a market-view evaluation of market strength regardless of affiliation. It allows us to use a single measure to compare the size and quality of corporate brands. We use a full calendar year of data to support our rankings, which includes phone interviews with business decision makers. Although we track hundreds of companies, the ones listed on the CW 100 and those that will eventually be ranked must meet several criteria to be considered for the newly designed rankings.

So why is all of this important? As the CW 100 name implies, we approach the connected devices market from its core. We understand that all of the CW 100 touch points can influence the performance of a brand and they must align with a vendors’ unique promise to the marketplace. When it comes to our ability to influence the market we must consider angles carefully, accurately, and objectively for our readers.

All of the companies that appear on the CW 100 are about creating a specific impression of their company in the minds of customers, employees, vendors, stockholders, the media—anyone who’s important to your continued success. It’s pretty clear that you can’t be effective if you are locked into a single approach, or if you have preconceived notions about any vendor’s ability to influence the market. The CW 100 is currently the biggest influencer since it is based on getting to know the companies through research, customers, and oncoming feedback.

The CW 100 is about ranking performance and measuring top companies based on quantitative factors and the feedback from Connected World magazine’s tech audience and successful business owners. The CW 100 is based on a special formula developed by Connected World magazine that calculates top companies.

It is for this very reason the CW 100 will help customers understand who are the key vendors and what they stand for and how that is essential in strengthening and their ongoing success. The CW 100 builds the awareness and strengthens communication processes.

During the nomination period M2M vendors have the option to fill out a survey to be listed in the CW 100 or to join as a member to participate in the newly formed Rankings. To be considered for the rankings you must follow the guidelines Connected World has now put in place, There is no obligation. However, if you want to see how a third-party analyzes independent data to rank your company then this cumulative score is just what you need to do in order to be an MVP in this emerging Internet of all things that is connected globally.

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