The launch of new app Mega Meds is tackling the issue of medical adherence through combining medicine management with engaging, fun games. The trend for gamification has been growing but the unique application of it for encouraging better management of medicine could save the global healthcare industry billions every year.

The cost of people failing to take their medication isn’t a small one or an issue that’s restricted to certain countries. In the UK, it’s estimated that £3001 million is wasted on medicines in the NHS every year, while in the US, research indicates the figure could be as high as $2892 billion annually. Through taking a creative approach to the issue and encouraging more people to track their medication, Mega Meds aims to slash these unnecessary expenses. With the rise of smartphones and gaming apps, Mega Meds is taking advantage of cultural trends to address a far-reaching issue.

Dr Rachel Gawley, CEO of AppAttic, the firm behind Mega Meds, said, “The aim of Mega Meds is to make the process of medication management more fun and to improve medicine adherence, thus improving general health and wellness. The blend of game and tracking capabilities is an effective solution in turning something that can be seen as a chore into something more engaging.”

The app uses multiple techniques to engage and encourage medicine adherence. Users are able to enter their medication schedule, receiving notifications to their phone alerting them to log if they take or miss medication. The game element enables players to earn rewards through adherence, giving them an advantage and a better chance of winning. With more features already in the pipeline, Mega Meds offers a serious-fun alternative to medicine compliance; something the healthcare industry needs in order to cut costs and improve outcomes. The designers have created a clean, friendly interface rather than a clinical appearance to boost engagement.

The Mega Meds app is currently undergoing a clinical trial with an NHS Trust in the UK as part of a study called MAGE: Medicines Adherence, Gamification Experience. AppAttic will also be showcasing their innovation at two leading events – WIRED Health in London on 9th March 2017 and throughout the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

The developers of the app are now inviting the general public to download Mega Meds and participate in their research study. Usage of Mega Meds and participation in the study is 100% anonymous – no email is required.

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AppAttic creates innovative technology solutions for complex problem domains, with a particular focus on those connected with health. The company has optimised its research, development, and commercialisation processes, drawing on design thinking, to rapidly go from prototype to validated solutions ready to integrate with large existing healthcare technologies.

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