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Tech and the Human Experience

7/19/2017|0 Comments

Is technology enriching human lives or detracting from them? The benefits of adopting mobile and connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions include everything from patients with chronic illnesses being able to track health metrics to enterprises being able to generate new revenue opportunities by leveraging realtime data.

60% of IoT Initiatives Stall at Proof-of-Concept Stage

7/12/2017|0 Comments

The projections for the IoT (Internet of Things) are numerous, exciting, and often sky high. Is the industry over reaching with its expectations? Is it under reaching? It’s impossible to know how the future will play out, but it seems the IoT will definitely play an important role in how industries operate and businesses run down the road, even as it shapes the way societies thrive and individuals live.

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Intel Democratizes Deep Learning Application Development with Launch of Movidius Neural Compute Stick

7/21/2017|0 Comments

Today, Intel launched the Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick, the world's first USB-based deep learning inference kit and self-contained artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator that delivers dedicated deep neural network processing capabilities to a wide range of host devices at the edge.

Senet and New Boundary Technologies Collaborate to Provide Rapid Time to Market for IoT Applications

7/20/2017|0 Comments

Senet, a leading provider of global connectivity and network management for the Internet of Things, and New Boundary Technologies, a leading IoT application service provider, today announced a partnership to integrate New Boundary Technologies’ RemoteAware™ Enterprise IoT application service with Senet’s standards-based IoT network.  

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Rethinking Healthcare Delivery, Engagement, and Insurance

7/10/2017|0 Comments

From managing chronic conditions to enabling innovative insurance programs, the IoT is redefining healthcare. Healthcare, unfortunately, is outdated.

2017 Women of IoT in Marketing

7/5/2017|0 Comments

To be an IoT (Internet of Things) marketer, it takes a deep understanding of technology, its applications, its limitations, and its potential. An IoT marketer must have the laser-sharp ability to hone in on a product or service’s unique strengths and the creativity to position that product or service accordingly. It requires above-average people skills and communication smarts, and it also takes something else: gumption.

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Connected Senior Living

7/10/2017|0 Comments

In talking about a connected world, one group is often left out of the conversation: seniors. However, connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions can empower senior citizens by making everyday tasks easier, by helping doctors, caregivers, and seniors themselves keep better track of health parameters, and by enriching seniors’ lives through connectivity.

Boeing Ups the Ante with RFID

7/5/2017|0 Comments

Like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, Boeing,, is always looking for ways to increase production rates and decrease costs. Also like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, the aircraft manufacturer found what it was looking for by turning to the IoT (Internet of Things).

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