Amazon Adds Its Weight to Zigbee Alliance

2/13/2019|0 Comments

ABI Research says the smart home market was worth $56 billion in 2018, and it’s expected to reach $123 billion by 2022. However, smart home has its work cut out for it, and, in many ways, it always has. While far more consumers recognize the benefits of smart-home technologies than they did 10 years ago and far more of them have smart technologies in their homes, the ecosystem remains a complicated one. Interoperability is one of the main challenges facing the space, but smart-home industry players are working toward a more standardized, interoperable smart home future.

Growth Ahead for IIoT Applications

2/6/2019|0 Comments

Growth is the name of the game in the IoT (Internet of Things) and in the IIoT (industrial IoT), as the number of connected devices serving a range of vertical markets is set to explode in the coming years. Factories are becoming automated environments, logistics operations and supply chains are getting an overhaul thanks to IoT technologies, and sectors like healthcare are benefiting from always-on connectivity. With the rise in the number connected devices comes an increase in data and, in some cases, a trend toward edge computing to better handle this influx of enterprise data.

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Pioneers 2018

12/1/2017|0 Comments

Trailblazers. Innovators. Pioneers. These are the people others look to for inspiration, direction, and motivation. When it comes to the ways IoT (Internet of Things) technology can revolutionize life and business, pioneers look not only at the here and now but also to the future. These individuals, groups, companies, and organizations think outside of the box, they don’t take “no” for an answer, they look for novel ways to solve age-old dilemmas, and they anticipate what’s coming next. In this way, they stay a step (or two, or 10) ahead of the rest.

Construction Skills Gap Hinders Growth and Tech Adoption

11/1/2017|0 Comments

Early in 2017, the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America),, 2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook survey seemed to prove what many in the construction industry were already feeling—that there was a certain optimism in the air. According to the survey, which asked construction professionals to share their plans for the upcoming year, 73% of firms said they plan to expand their payrolls in 2017 because they expect demand in both private and public sectors to grow.

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AT&T and Cybersecurity: Strategies for the Future

1/1/2019|0 Comments

Senthil Ramakrishnan, lead member of technical staff in AT&T’s Internet of Things organization,, joined Peggy Smedley to talk about how companies can create an approach for edge-to-edge security as part of their digital transformation. He also shares some key tips to help companies avoid costly mistakes when considering IoT (Internet of Things) security. There’s often little or no consideration given to how legacy applications will be managed as we move to the cloud. He addresses if we need to change our thinking—and if so, how cybersecurity comes into play in this area.

AT&T and 5G: Speed, Latency, and Adoption of the IoT

11/1/2018|0 Comments

Mobeen Khan, AVP product marketing management Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T Business,, joins Peggy Smedley to delve into where the IoT and 5G (fifth generation) networks are headed and how businesses can take advantage of these emerging technologies. Khan shares how AT&T is focused on key industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, finance, and retail. He says the challenges faced by each vertical industry is different in nature. Each has a different pace at which they want to make investments. He explains that just like any other technology, network technology goes through an evolution. What’s foremost to AT&T is addressing the customer’s needs with the technology that best fits their use case. When it comes to 5G, customers can benefit from speed, low latency, and the pervasiveness of massive IoT.

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