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Remote Health Brings Big Savings

11/15/2017|0 Comments

Today, physicians are managing a large patient load, and those with chronic conditions need frequent care and interactions with their doctors. This can drive-up charges for businesses, as well as make it difficult for hospitals to schedule and find room for patients on such as frequent basis.  

High-Tech Farming

11/8/2017|1 Comment

Two converging trends—industrial robotics and precision agriculture—could come together in a big way to revolutionize the way the world produces food. In fact, this is already happening. According to the IFR (Intl. Federation of Robotics),, in its World Robotics Report 2016, the number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will increase to 2.6 million units by 2019. As industrial robotics increase efficiency through automation and precision on factory floors around the world, growers and producers are also leveraging IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled precision agriculture technology to optimize crop yields, maximize crop quality, and minimize the use of resources such as water and pesticides.

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Smart-Grid Funding Heats Up

11/20/2017|0 Comments

The smart grid continue to get smarter, as the U.S. DOE (Dept. of Energy),, has invested $1 million in funding toward RTI (Real-Time Innovations),, to conduct research and new developments of grids under the established DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard.

ELD Mandate: Is Your Business Ready?

11/15/2017|0 Comments

December 18 is fast approaching, and for commercial drivers, this is an important date. It is the day that the ELD (electronic logging device) rule begins to go into effect, and companies need to understand the mandate and how to comply.

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Construction Skills Gap Hinders Growth and Tech Adoption

11/1/2017|0 Comments

Early in 2017, the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America),, 2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook survey seemed to prove what many in the construction industry were already feeling—that there was a certain optimism in the air. According to the survey, which asked construction professionals to share their plans for the upcoming year, 73% of firms said they plan to expand their payrolls in 2017 because they expect demand in both private and public sectors to grow.

A Moral Dilemma: Does the IoT Need Ethics?

10/1/2017|1 Comment

Science magazine published a research report in June 2016 entitled “The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles” by Jean-François Bonnefon of the University of Toulouse Capitole,, Azim Shariff of the University of Oregon,, and Iyad Rahwan of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),

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Situational Awareness on Super Bowl Sunday

11/15/2017|0 Comments

It’s football season once again here in the U.S.—a time for tailgating, weekly get-togethers, and celebrations (or disappointments, depending on the week). While it may be a bit early to think about the big game, Super Bowl LII, which is scheduled for Feb. 4, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn., city officials and first responders in Minneapolis have certainly had the date on their minds for quite some time.

Episode 531 10.03.17

11/15/2017|0 Comments

James Scott, senior fellow and cofounder, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, explains which aspects of critical infrastructure remain vulnerable and how organizations can take the next steps to protect themselves.

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