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Microchips Emulate Human Organs

6/13/2018|0 Comments

From self-driving vehicles to companion and healthcare robots, some of the tech coming out of today’s research laboratories seems more like fiction than fact. However, industry and academia are working together to bring next-gen technologies to sectors like healthcare that could benefit from innovation-inspired change. In the medical realm, a movement to create human organs-on-chips promises to revolutionize the way society studies organ systems and the interactions between organs, as well as the way the health industry tests drugs and other products intended for human use.

Harnessing Health Data Science

6/6/2018|0 Comments

Data is driving today’s connected world, and this is particularly true in healthcare. According to the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), more than 1 billion clinical documents are produced in the U.S. each year. With this tremendous number of documents being produced annually, there is a huge opportunity to use this information to make healthcare more efficient and effective. However, much of this data is currently being underutilized.

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EPM Elevates Healthcare

12/6/2017|0 Comments

As healthcare becomes increasingly connected, Oracle,, is looking to manage all the incoming data.

Occupational Fraud Does Damage

12/4/2017|0 Comments

As many companies are improving security for external threats, they may be losing focus on the ones that may exist within their own walls.

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Pioneers 2018

12/1/2017|0 Comments

Trailblazers. Innovators. Pioneers. These are the people others look to for inspiration, direction, and motivation. When it comes to the ways IoT (Internet of Things) technology can revolutionize life and business, pioneers look not only at the here and now but also to the future. These individuals, groups, companies, and organizations think outside of the box, they don’t take “no” for an answer, they look for novel ways to solve age-old dilemmas, and they anticipate what’s coming next. In this way, they stay a step (or two, or 10) ahead of the rest.

Construction Skills Gap Hinders Growth and Tech Adoption

11/1/2017|0 Comments

Early in 2017, the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America),, 2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook survey seemed to prove what many in the construction industry were already feeling—that there was a certain optimism in the air. According to the survey, which asked construction professionals to share their plans for the upcoming year, 73% of firms said they plan to expand their payrolls in 2017 because they expect demand in both private and public sectors to grow.

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Dr. Jennifer Schneider Talks Women in IoT

6/19/2018|0 Comments

Dr. Jennifer Schneider, chief medical officer, Livongo, joined Peggy Smedley to talk about family, technology, and being a Women of M2M/IoT. She shares how she is very blessed with an incredible family and grew up with an older brother and younger brother—and it never occurred to her that girls were any different than boys. She also gives advice and explains how the IoT (Internet of Things) can help propel us forward, almost without us even knowing.

Sam Eathington Talks Sensors in Agriculture

5/23/2018|0 Comments

Phil Renaud, executive director for The Risk Institute at Ohio State University, joined Peggy Smedley to talk about the epidemic that is plaguing this country: distracted driving. He talked about what needs to be done and the behavioral change that is necessary when it comes to cellphones and driving. They discuss the root cause of distracted driving today and what is coming in the month ahead.

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