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Gauging IoT Adoption

IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly becoming an intrinsic part of business. The range of benefits that users are getting from IoT is also widening as adoption increases, according to the fifth annual Vodafone, www.vodafone.com, IoT Barometer Report.


Investing in Competitive Manufacturing

Healthy competition keeps an industry headed toward innovation. To keep an industry like manufacturing booming, the U.S. EDA (Economic Development Admin.), www.eda.gov, recently awarded $13.3 million in grants for 11 Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers across the country.


AI at the Office

For businesses, AI (artificial intelligence) is here, and the executive suites and boardrooms around the world believe the technology will change the way organizations operate.


Looking Ahead to 5G

Major enterprises are already looking for ways to effectively adopt 5G. This is the basis of a new global survey commissioned by Ixia, www.ixiacom.com, and conducted Dimensional Research, www.dimensionalresearch.com, which received responses from 300 senior level executives at enterprises and service providers with 1,000 employees or more.