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The Rub in Retail

In retail, a once purely physical world must become a digital one, or, at least, it must become a hybrid physical-digital world. Retailers must find a way to leverage the IoT (Internet of Things) to enhance operations—from managing energy use to stocking shelves—and connect with 21st century customers in a 21st century way.

By | 7/31/2017|

2017 Women of IoT in Marketing

To be an IoT (Internet of Things) marketer, it takes a deep understanding of technology, its applications, its limitations, and its potential. An IoT marketer must have the laser-sharp ability to hone in on a product or service’s unique strengths and the creativity to position that product or service accordingly. It requires above-average people skills and communication smarts, and it also takes something else: gumption.

By | 7/5/2017|

Women Are the Change Agents for Innovation

Some of them tinker, some of them invent, some of them engineer, and some of them strategize, but all of them innovate, and all of them lead. The 2017 Women of M2M are a group of IoT (Internet of Things) executives who have built companies from the ground up, led their organizations to bigger and better opportunities by harnessing technology, and/or acted as a guiding light for their teams through times of ambiguity and change. If change is the mantra of the tech world, change agent is perhaps the best compliment a tech executive can hope to receive. Each year, Connected World magazine recognizes 42 change agents who are forging new paths for the IoT, sometimes in the face of adversity and discrimination.

By | 6/5/2017|

Virtual Reality for Smart Cities and Citizens

In a world that offers virtual experiences, how will society change? Imagine a world in which VR (virtual reality) technology enhanced and improved reality in urban planning and building, product design, education and training, and beyond. Imagine how seamless VR-enabled telecommuting and telepresence capabilities could change the way cities operate—for instance, by redefining the need for physical transportation systems—or alter the way humans engage in cultural experiences like art and music? Imagining the possibilities of virtual reality and its partner in crime, AR (augmented reality), isn’t the hard part, unfortunately. The hard part is making it real on a grand scale.

By | 5/8/2017|

Aftermarket Connectivity

For all the talk about in-vehicle connectivity, it may seem as though the age of the connected car has already arrived. However, in some ways, society has barely scratched the surface of what will end up being a decades long, no-going-back-type of global transformation in connected transportation.

By | 3/9/2017|