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Connected Senior Living

In talking about a connected world, one group is often left out of the conversation: seniors. However, connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions can empower senior citizens by making everyday tasks easier, by helping doctors, caregivers, and seniors themselves keep better track of health parameters, and by enriching seniors’ lives through connectivity.

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Boeing Ups the Ante with RFID

Like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, Boeing,, is always looking for ways to increase production rates and decrease costs. Also like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, the aircraft manufacturer found what it was looking for by turning to the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Episode 517 | 06.20.17

In June, Peggy Smedley was joined by Gina Altieri, senior vice president of corporate services and chief of strategy integration, Nemours Children’s Health System, as she details her path toward a career in healthcare technology and her work to create an efficient warehouse that allows clinicians to access patient data no matter which facility they visit. She addresses concerns securing patient information along with catering medical records toward millennials and new parents. In addition, she talks about what is contributing to the evolution of healthcare and how millennials have influenced her approach to delivering better care and education to a new generation of clinicians.

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Episode 511 | 05.09.17

In May, Peggy Smedley was joined by Pat Jones, executive director and CEO, International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Assn., who explains that although the need and emphasis for improved infrastructure is on the rise, additional turmoil in Washington may cause further delays in major plans for renovations. He adds that with the rise of electric cars and other sustainable automobiles will come vehicle mile travel charges that will contribute more funds for smarter roadways.

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Smart Airport Solution Ensures Pleasant Stay for Travelers

In an era in which every “thing” and every place is becoming “smart,” airports should be smart too. Since airports are some of the most important urban hubs for visitors and citizens alike, it makes sense that cities would want to invest in IoT (Internet of Things) technology to make travelers’ experiences better.

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Vineyards Rely on Analytics

There’s nothing like a glass of wine to melt away the stress at the end of the day. But long before the end product makes it into someone’s glass, the stress on a vineyard’s grapevines needs to be properly managed. In fact, without proper management of stress on vines, the resulting wine wouldn’t be very good at all. Thankfully, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is helping farmers keep tight control of their watering schedules and, therefore, the vines’ stress levels in order to deliver that perfect glass of vino.

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Episode 505 | 03.28.17

In March, Peggy Smedley was joined by Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager, IoT and applications, Cisco Systems Inc.,, who says the Internet we have built must evolve into something greater in order to fully handle the IoT (Internet of Things).

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IoT Gets Into Shape

The IoT (Internet of Things) has come a long way in helping to promote healthy living and encouraging individuals to get on track in terms of diet, exercise, or simply just feeling better about themselves. But unfortunately, making drastic changes in our lifestyle can be difficult.

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Episode 501 I 02.28.17

In February, Peggy Smedley had a discussion with Aaron Hillegass, founder and CEO, The Big Nerd Ranch, and he explains that two-way connections in servers can be available to millions of people. But, more importantly, he explains, that servers must be able to keep running and not fall behind despite the ever-growing number of connections.

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Smart Vineyards=Better Wine

Timing is key to growing a good crop, but timing is just one of many factors that have to be carefully monitored to ensure quality and maximum yield in agriculture. Across the modern ag industry, the IoT (Internet of Things) is helping growers and producers keep better track of the data that’s most important to their crop type, location, or business.

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