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Episode 523 08.08.17

Sara Lupien, contract and revenue manager, Caterpillar Inc., joined Peggy Smedley to discuss the new efforts to help condition machine workers to understand the value of data through the use of subscription services.

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Casino Tech Improves Operations and Gaming Experience

Like other businesses, casinos care about efficiency and profitability. Aliante Casino Hotel and Spa,, a Boyd Gaming casino resort in Las Vegas, Nev., is leveraging technology to better manage its assets and improve the guest experience. It has partnered with Scientific Games,, a developer of technology-based products and services and associated content for gaming, lottery, and interactive markets, to install a slot and casino management system that drives value for the casino resort in multiple ways.

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City of Allen Gets Smarts

The mission is to create a smart city. That means integrating technology that will make each city smart. Allen, Texas, is one city that is upgrading its network to have more peace of mind at a time when the city has to stay connected.

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Episode 518 | 06.27.17

In June, Peggy Smedley was joined by Danielle George, professor of radio frequency engineering, University of Manchester, who talks about transitioning her work in wireless tech for U.K. space stations to help farmers gain a better understanding of crops and weeds before they begin to grow. She anticipates that along with agriculture and aerospace, wireless sensors pose major potential to detect early signs of cancer and other life-threatening conditions.

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Connected Field Service for Medical Equipment

More than 1 million patients are treated each year on machines from Elekta,, a Swedish manufacturer of medical technologies for treating cancer and brain disorders. The reliability and continued uptime of the company’s assets is critical. With assets in operation in more than 6,000 medical facilities, Elekta turned to the IoT (Internet of Things) to help it offer additional value to customers and patients and gain a competitive advantage over other medical equipment and service providers.

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Connected Senior Living

In talking about a connected world, one group is often left out of the conversation: seniors. However, connected devices and IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled solutions can empower senior citizens by making everyday tasks easier, by helping doctors, caregivers, and seniors themselves keep better track of health parameters, and by enriching seniors’ lives through connectivity.

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Boeing Ups the Ante with RFID

Like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, Boeing,, is always looking for ways to increase production rates and decrease costs. Also like many other manufacturers in a wide range of industries, the aircraft manufacturer found what it was looking for by turning to the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Episode 517 | 06.20.17

In June, Peggy Smedley was joined by Gina Altieri, senior vice president of corporate services and chief of strategy integration, Nemours Children’s Health System, as she details her path toward a career in healthcare technology and her work to create an efficient warehouse that allows clinicians to access patient data no matter which facility they visit. She addresses concerns securing patient information along with catering medical records toward millennials and new parents. In addition, she talks about what is contributing to the evolution of healthcare and how millennials have influenced her approach to delivering better care and education to a new generation of clinicians.

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