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Claims Management in the Cloud

Over the years, Joe Celestina, vice president of sales and marketing for TranSolutions,, a provider of claims-management software for the transportation and logistics industries, says he and his team have talked to dozens of freight and cargo carriers that are still managing their claims in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

By | 4/10/2017|

Aerospace Leverages Intelligent Assets

The IoT (Internet of Things) is helping manufacturers work smarter, rather than harder. By leveraging digital technologies throughout the value chain and replacing manual processes with automated ones, manufacturers can improve the quality and quantity of their work.

By | 4/3/2017|

Episode 496 | 01.24.17

Back in January, host Peggy Smedley sat down with Sam Lamonica, vice president/CIO, Rosendin Electric, and Jef Farrell, vice president, CTO, Swinerton Builders, to discuss the state of IoT (Internet of Things) in the construction industry and a new movement calling for an industrywide, data-protocol standard.

By | 3/16/2017|

Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles Get Connected

The connected car, for many consumers, is an easy entrée into a more connected lifestyle. For safety, convenience, and entertainment reasons, more consumers than ever before are looking for in-vehicle connectivity options and features when it comes time to make decisions about their next ride.

By | 2/28/2017|