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EV Adoption Hindered by Lack of Dealer Support

The future of our transportation system hangs in the balance. While no one can predict exactly what the future transportation system will look like, it’s likely to look as different from today’s system as the past looks from today’s vantage point.

By | 1/10/2018|

Net Neutrality: A Far from Neutral Issue

On Thursday, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission),, voted to restore the classification of broadband Internet access service as an “information service” under Title I of the Communications Act.

By | 12/18/2017|

Airborne Attack Virus Threatens Bluetooth Devices

As more consumers bring connected devices into their homes, and as more businesses integrate IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled devices and systems into their workflows, cybercriminals are finding new avenues for disruption and data theft. In fact, in an industry in which the only constant is change, the same appears to go for the evolving nature of cyberthreats facing IoT systems. As the industry produces new solutions, the bad guys continually work to come up with new ways to throw systems for a loop.

By | 12/13/2017|

Digital Currency Gains Ground

In today’s connected society, just about everything is in flux. From the ways doctors interact with their patients to the ways drivers interact with their vehicles, connectivity thanks to the IoT (Internet of Things) is changing the status quo. The digital age has changed how consumers and businesses expect to go about life and business, and this is even becoming true for currency. Digital currency or cryptocurrency may not yet be mainstream, but its popularity is growing as it gathers investors that believe it is the future of financial transactions.

By | 12/6/2017|

Data and the Customer Experience

One critical way data and the IoT (Internet of Things) is influencing today’s connected world is by enabling better customer experiences. From servicing machines proactively and reducing downtime to delivering personalized deals and coupons to retail customers, data, predictive analytics, and automation have opened doors to new levels of immediacy, personalization, and convenience. For customers, this can equal a smoother experience and faster, improved service that’s tailored to their specific needs.

By | 11/29/2017|

Creating Connectivity Boundaries

Connected devices are becoming more pervasive in industry, business, and at home. The IoT (Internet of Things) is automating processes that used to be manual, presenting opportunities for businesses to discover new revenue streams, and putting all kinds of information, controls, and decision-enhancing data into the hands of many.

By | 11/22/2017|

Remote Health Brings Big Savings

Today, physicians are managing a large patient load, and those with chronic conditions need frequent care and interactions with their doctors. This can drive-up charges for businesses, as well as make it difficult for hospitals to schedule and find room for patients on such as frequent basis.  

By | 11/15/2017|

High-Tech Farming

Two converging trends—industrial robotics and precision agriculture—could come together in a big way to revolutionize the way the world produces food. In fact, this is already happening. According to the IFR (Intl. Federation of Robotics),, in its World Robotics Report 2016, the number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will increase to 2.6 million units by 2019. As industrial robotics increase efficiency through automation and precision on factory floors around the world, growers and producers are also leveraging IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled precision agriculture technology to optimize crop yields, maximize crop quality, and minimize the use of resources such as water and pesticides.

By | 11/8/2017|