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Encouraging Indoor Localization Innovation

In the future, using a smartphone to pinpoint a user’s location indoors will be just as commonplace as using a smartphone to pinpoint a user’s location outdoors. What’s more, indoor localization will pave the way for just as many value-added applications as GPS (global positioning system)-enabled apps designed for outdoor navigation have.

By | 5/3/2017|

Customer Expectation Fuels Demand for IoT in Retail

The pressing problem facing retail enterprises today is finding ways to bridge the physical with the digital. How can retailers create a synchronized omnichannel platform, reduce fraud and tighten security, and facilitate bidirectional, realtime interaction with customers? The IoT (Internet of Things) can help retail enterprises accomplish all of this and more, but many retailers still view the IoT as hype.

By | 4/12/2017|

Provider Partnerships Support IIoT Growth

Estimates suggest the number of connected “things” in use worldwide will increase 31% from 2016 to 2017, reaching 8.4 billion this year. Further, total spending on endpoints and IoT (Internet of Things) services could approach $2 trillion. These estimates come from research firm Gartner,, which further predicts the number of connected things will exceed 20 billion by 2020.

By | 4/5/2017|