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Balancing the Cost-Performance-Energy Equation

Living on the edge—or should we say, at the edge via fog or edge computing—is becoming an increasingly popular business model. Edge computing, i.e., embedding computing infrastructure near the end devices, along the “edges” of a network, often to accelerate time-to-insight and reduce costs, can solve a real need for IoT (Internet of Things) applications that require very fast response times. It can also create opportunities for autonomous edge operation, which can benefit from ultra-fast AI (artificial intelligence) data-processing technology. But is AI too power-hungry and expensive to operate at the edge?

By | 10/17/2018|

AT&T Is All-In With IoT

When a company’s all-in with the IoT (Internet of Things), it may seem like it has a one-track mind: all IoT, all the time. This week, AT&T has been that company, announcing several different ways it’s moving forward on IoT initiatives, ranging from connected-device cybersecurity to energy and building management solutions, global enterprise Wi-Fi, and beyond. As a key player in the space, AT&T’s latest moves—making new ecosystem partnerships and expanding various IoT-related programs—advance IoT innovation and adoption in the industry as a whole.

By | 10/1/2018|

Fueling Next-Gen Manufacturing in America

Is American manufacturing declining? A new survey from Leading2Lean suggests a majority of Americans believe yes, it’s declining; but perhaps it is wrong. The IoT (Internet of Things) is certainly changing the face of manufacturing in America and outside of it, but it’s also opening doors to new efficiencies that can lead to higher profit margins and the ability to offer personalization, among other benefits. The next generation of Industry 4.0 leaders will need a new set of skills to maximize the value IoT technologies offer manufacturing and other industrial sectors.

By | 9/26/2018|

AI and Asset Intelligence

Imagine a marine company saving almost a half-million dollars in fuel per vessel annually by leveraging AI (artificial intelligence); consider the effect a savings of $1.5 million per ship could have on a cruise line operator thanks to reduced fuel consumption, and ponder the impact data and AI-enabled decisionmaking could have on a tugboat operator looking to catch engine, fuel pump, and other equipment issues before they affect performance. Two companies will integrate their IoT (Internet of Things) offerings to enable more success stories like these early, real-life wins.

By | 9/25/2018|

Prioritizing IoT Security to Reduce Vulnerabilities

The use of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in the enterprise realm is growing by leaps and bounds, and this growth has caught the eye of cybercriminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities in connected devices and systems for their own gain. As the IoT becomes more of a focus for cybercriminals, cybersecurity must simultaneously become more of a focus for the businesses using IoT solutions.

By | 9/19/2018|

Choosing a Partner: The Importance of Trust

What factors are most critical when selecting a service or product? Trust is one of the most important in building a brand, according to a recent survey that reveals how well four cell service brands connect with their customer base.

By | 9/12/2018|

Safety First for Autonomous Vehicles

Safety and interoperability are key components of the next generation of transportation, which will feature autonomous capabilities that rely on sensors and other smart devices to connect vehicles to each other and to the surrounding infrastructure.

By | 8/31/2018|

Humans’ Role in AV Safety

Research by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.) has shown that vehicle crashes are almost always caused by driver error.

By | 8/24/2018|

Monitoring Service Adds Asset Intelligence

Asset managers who deploy asset-monitoring and management solutions can benefit from realtime data without having to physically monitor their assets, and this remains one of the most common uses of IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

By | 8/22/2018|