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Recent News from Connected World.

Improving Employee Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness among employers that their workers are the company’s most important asset. If workers get sick, the company can shut down and, as bankruptcy filings show, even go out of business. More and more, companies are recognizing the value of employee wellness programs to maintain the health and vitality of their workers.

By |7/1/2020|

Infrastructure on the Agenda

Since the 2016 election campaign, the status of the infrastructure in the U.S. has been used as a wedge issue. Both major parties talk about it, the President talks about it—remember the almost annual “Infrastructure Week?”—and the press talks about it, but nothing has been done about it. Yet.

By |7/1/2020|

Manufacturers Turn to Servitization amid COVID-19 Crisis

In times of great change, industries are left wondering what the new normal will be in a post-COVID-19 world. In the manufacturing space, an early survey from the NAM (National Assn. of Manufacturers) suggested manufacturing firms were starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. Respondents cited supply chain disruptions and the need to find alternative suppliers as early issues, and many anticipated future disruptions due to reduced customer demand and the new work-from-home model.

By |6/24/2020|

Automation Drives Medical Progress and Sustainability in Industries

From manufacturing to utilities, transportation, defense, and beyond, automation is changing how industries do business in an IoT (Internet of Things)-connected world. The ISA (Intl. Society of Automation) defines automation as “the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services.” In life sciences, too, the production and delivery of products and services can benefit from automation technologies. Honeywell is one example of a company applying automation to help bring vital products and services like vaccines and medical therapies to market as quickly and safely as possible. Will this become the norm in healthcare as it is becoming in so many other industries?

By |6/17/2020|

Innovating during COVID-19: A Story of Collaboration

Connected World’s Peggy Smedley recently sat down for a webcast with Eddy Van Steyvoort, VP, business line automotive and on-road, IGW/VCST, which is a part of BMT Group, Kevin Wrenn, EVP, products, PTC, and Filip Bossuyt, CEO, Ad Ultima, for a discussion about innovating in a time of COVID-19, a story of collaboration.

By |6/10/2020|

Cybercriminals Take Advantage of COVID-19

Has Q1 or Q2 2020 gone according to plan for anyone? It’s not likely. Late last year, if someone were to say people in the U.S. and globally would be self-quarantining and wearing masks when they leave the house to go grocery shop or do other essential business, or that one in five Americans would be filing for unemployment benefits in the upcoming months, many would say there’s no way that amount of upheaval could occur in such a short amount of time. Alas, thanks to COVID-19, it has. Another huge change this quarter involves the number of phishing scams. Cybercriminals are using the coronavirus pandemic to prey upon people, and the statistics are scary. 

By |6/1/2020|

Microsoft Build 2020: IoT Innovations

For the past five years, Microsoft has been busy building a comprehensive IoT (Internet of Things) portfolio. At the company’s Build 2020 event, which took place virtually last week, Microsoft laid out an IoT vision and roadmap suggesting that today the focus is generally on connected assets, but the next trend is connected environments (e.g., smart manufacturing), and, in the future, the focus will be on connected ecosystems, in which connected environments interact with each other to achieve a more completely connected world. The event produced many Azure IoT-related announcements that will help innovative customers take the space into this future.

By |5/27/2020|

Cleaning Protocols for Hotels after COVID-19

The world has been practicing “social distancing,” hand washing, and mask-wearing protocols for months now and the results appear to positive; the infection rate for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 is beginning to decline or leveling off in many states within the United States. This has led many states to start loosening the restrictions on businesses and residents.

By |5/20/2020|

What It Is Like to Work from Home

While findings show 62% of employees are still extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks due to using personal computers, many are extremely organized and beginning to find work-life balance. A study conducted by NordVPN during the last two weeks of March 2020 looks at how 5,000 people were WFH (working from home) due to social distancing during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

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