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Remote Health Brings Big Savings

Today, physicians are managing a large patient load, and those with chronic conditions need frequent care and interactions with their doctors. This can drive-up charges for businesses, as well as make it difficult for hospitals to schedule and find room for patients on such as frequent basis.  

By | 11/15/2017|

High-Tech Farming

Two converging trends—industrial robotics and precision agriculture—could come together in a big way to revolutionize the way the world produces food. In fact, this is already happening. According to the IFR (Intl. Federation of Robotics),, in its World Robotics Report 2016, the number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will increase to 2.6 million units by 2019. As industrial robotics increase efficiency through automation and precision on factory floors around the world, growers and producers are also leveraging IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled precision agriculture technology to optimize crop yields, maximize crop quality, and minimize the use of resources such as water and pesticides.

By | 11/8/2017|

IoT Tech Enables Early Detection of Diseases

Most people can name a friend, family member, celebrity, or acquaintance who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, which begins as a malignant tumor in a person’s breast tissue. While modern medicine has helped the medical community diagnose and treat breast cancer more successfully than in the past, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death among women, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,, and, although rare, breast cancer can affect men too. Can medical wearables turn the tide on this deadly disease?

By | 10/31/2017|

Cyberattacks: Protecting Your IoT Data

Despite all the warnings from IT security and IoT (Internet of Things) experts, the two most popular passwords people use to secure their digital devices and accounts are “123456” and “password.” As the magic keys to digital doors, passwords are the weakest link in cybersecurity.

By | 10/25/2017|

Smart Campuses are Good Business

Executives in the C-suite of just about any business should have their eyes on how the IoT (Internet of Things) can improve operations and help their companies or organizations reach their goals, whatever those goals may be. Universities are businesses, too, and the people at the top are responsible for thinking about attracting and retaining students, cutting operating costs, improving workflows, and maximizing safety, among other considerations.

By | 9/27/2017|

Virtual Reality Opens Doors for Education

Two of the most talked-about IoT (Internet of Things) technologies today are AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). The potential to transform industries from manufacturing to healthcare seems just around the corner with AR and VR; in some cases, it’s just a matter of finding that “killer app” that takes the technology mainstream. Education is another sector that could benefit tremendously from continued innovation in AR and VR.

By | 9/20/2017|

Preventing Asset Downtime with IIoT

When it comes to making decisions, the data provided by IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) technologies and solutions can be invaluable. For many industrial companies, the ability to capture data from legacy equipment is key to achieving the benefits of the IIoT with relatively minimal costs.

By | 9/13/2017|