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Securing the Enterprise

A strong enterprise is a secure enterprise. That’s why NetMotion Software,, a leader in MPM (mobile performance management) software, is teaming with Samsung,, to keep important company data and information in house.

By | 4/19/2017|

Land of Innovation

While Illinois has not been in the news for the best reasons as of late, CompTIA,, looked at 10 ways in which the adoption and strength of new technological endeavors is keeping the state in a brighter light.

By | 4/11/2017|

IoT Comes to Life

In an effort to not just learn more from the IoT (Internet of Things), but learn in it, 22 CityLink,, has unveiled its new immersive hub, Concept Foundry, an interactive business accelerator ecosystem based out of Ashburn, Va.

By | 3/14/2017|

How the Economy Impacts IoT

A lot of changes have occurred in the first month of 2017. A new administration has entered office, which is causing a shift in the economy—and as a byproduct, the IoT (Internet of Things).

By | 2/28/2017|