The release of the new device in the MyGrid product suite has been announced by OATI (Open Access Technology Intl. Inc.),

The MyGrid Switch is a user installed plug-and-play device that provides secure control and measurement of high load devices such as window air conditioner units.

Developed by SmartGuard LLC,, and based upon the Kinetis KM1x and KW2x by Freescale Semiconductors,, MyGrid Switch integrates seamlessly with the OATI GridPort and GridControl, providing extensive measurement and control capabilities.

These include voltage, frequency, energy consumption, active and reactive power, and current. With MyGrid’s integration with OATI GridControl, consumers can reliably and securely participate in utility demand side and distributed resources programs.

Utilities equipped with detailed sub metering information and precise two-way measurement and control capability can harness the new controllable assets to supply various demand responses, regulation, and ancillary services, as well as voltage and phase balancing capabilities.

OATI plans to collaborate further with SmartGuard and Freescale on additional MyGrid devices and the next generation of the OATI GridPort. The OATI GridPort is a gateway device that securely integrates and provides visibility between grid operations and end devices, such as load control switches, thermostats, solar panels, and more. GridPort communicates securely with the OATI private cloud via GridControl’s security and communications service.

Live GridControl demonstrations, including the OATI GridPort and MyGrid Switch, will be held at the OATI 2015 DistribuTECH Booth.

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