MONTPELLIER – France, June 22, 2017 – OCEASOFT, a leading expert in wireless monitoring solutions for temperature-sensitive goods, announces the release of OCEAlert™, a new solution that enhances cold-chain monitoring and drastically helps reduce the risk of product loss.

OCEAlert™ is a reliable and automated real-time alert generation solution that offers a high level of protection for sensitive and perishable products. OCEASOFT designed and developed OCEAlert™ in cooperation with one of the world’s leading experts in information generation systems.
The demand for enhanced monitoring during product transit or storage continues to rise in the pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare, agri-food, transportation, and logistics sectors. It is critical for managers in charge of sensitive products to be alerted quickly to take action in case of unexpected situations.

When alarm conditions are detected and reported by OCEASOFT dataloggers, OCEAlert™ sends alerts via text or voice message to a configured list of phone numbers, any time of day or night.  Users receive clear and timely information regarding the cause and location of the anomaly. When a notification message is received, the user can acknowledge receipt of the alert directly from their mobile device and take appropriate action to address the problem.
This new offering is compatible with OCEASOFT’s existing range of Cobalt™, Emerald™, and Atlas™* dataloggers, as well as its future products. Without any hardware installation, OCEAlert™ can be deployed rapidly across any organization, ensuring high availability through a robust and secure implementation.

* Available with their respective applications: Thermoserver 5.2, CobaltView 1.4 et OCEAView Web 2.0.

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