Oct/Nov 2013

Oct/Nov 2013

Imagine the Possibilities: Tomorrow’s Connected Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

The Digital Revolution has transformed the industrial and manufacturing sector, unlocking unprecedented efficiencies, just-in-time manufacturing, global sourcing, and economic growth. But, as much productivity as technology has already enabled, the global industry is about to change even more with M2M.

When “Connected” Ups a Firm’s Value

The 20th century was best known economically for the advent of mass manufacturing and, in turn, mass marketing. Successful manufacturing and brandmanagement companies focused on the functions of design, engineering, production, distribution, sales, and service.

M&As: What’s Right for You?

The M&A (merger and acquisition) dealmakers have been pretty busy in the M2M arena. And it looks like what we’ve seen so far is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg

The Oldest Operating Device (Or Is It?)

I read a flurry of reports published this past May and June about Voyager 1's imminent departure from our solar system. Now, approximately 11 billion miles from Earth, Voyager 1's present position in space makes it the farthest man-made object from Earth.

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