Automation, optimization, and visibility across the service value chain often await those companies that pursue IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and platform solutions. Two companies have partnered to bring the unique value proposition of the IoT to the insurance sector.

ServicePower Technologies,, a provider of a global and fully mobilized field service management software platform, and Concirrus,, a provider of IoT and M2M (machine-to-machine) services, applications, sensors, and monitoring, have announced a strategic partnership that will leverage the IoT, cloud, analytics, and mobile technologies in the insurance space.

The Concirrus IoT platform will harvest data from sensors and deliver realtime analytics on insured items. ServicePower’s field service management platform includes complementary functionality such as optimized scheduling of insurance employees to automatically schedule appointments and send the right adjusters to the right place at the right time.

Together, the technologies will enable faster, more accurate, and more cost-efficient claims management. Through their combined services, the two companies hope to deliver fairer insurance premiums, better customer service, and a competitive advantage for their customers—the insurers.

The partnership represents a shift in how the insurance sector will go about doing business in an IoT-connected world. The combined solution removes guesswork for adjusters, replacing it with real machine data from sensors, while also leveraging the power of a cloud-based service-management solution to optimize workflow on all levels.

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