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Naperville, Ill. – May 27, 2020 Specialty Publishing Media, a custom-content media company, announces today that Peggy Smedley, president, editorial director, and host of The Peggy Smedley Show has joined New Urbana’s Board of Advisors.

For more than 20 years, Smedley has been one of the most formative influencers providing news and analysis as well as educating businesses about IoT (Internet of Things) technologies leading to digital transformation, infrastructure, and sustainability.

As an author and futurist, Smedley has been pivotal in ushering in many firsts, including the IoT era and guiding companies to decisively examine technology investments that will alter the course of their business well into the future.

Today she focuses most of her energy on maneuvering companies through the IoT, AI, sustainability, and digital transformation.

In her role she has helped guide manufacturing, construction, transportation, smart cities, among others, to understand how disruptive and innovative technologies will help them navigate the flood of digital transformation so they can remain viable and competitive.

“It is critical that we seek out ways to improve the lifecycle management of infrastructure and the built environment,” says Smedley. “I am pleased to join the New Urbana Board of Advisors. There are a lot of opportunities for us to work together to improve construction.”

The New Urbana Co-innovation Venture Studio works with enterprises, public-private-partnerships, and government organizations to accelerate IP commercialization that improves the lifecycle management of critical infrastructure and the built environment. New Urbana provides the people, process, tools, and resources to find, scale, and build ventures that address unmet urgent and important problems that result in economic and environmental outcome value.

“We combine the best of management consulting and venture building to programmatically address the unique innovation challenges at the intersection of humanity and technology,” says George Thomas, partner and co-founder, New Urbana. “We provide the market data, relationships, and experience to build and scale ventures that enable sustainable optimization of the relationships between people, things, spaces, data, and the environment for economic and societal value.”

Each month Smedley educates via Connected World,, Constructech,, Constructech TV,, and The Peggy Smedley Show,

Peggy Smedley is a member of the FryEgg, Board of Advisors; IFTNEXT (Institute of Food Technology) Think Tank; named to many lists, including: Top IoT Influencer To Follow, MarkTechPost; Top 13 IoT Influencers on Twitter,; 10 Top Influencers, Appy Pie; Top IIoT Influencers, Onalytica; and Biggest Influencers in IT-Consulting, QEMPLOY. Alongside of hosting her own weekly radio show, Peggy speaks regularly at industry events including LiveWorx, Steel Erectors Assn. of America, IFT, AT&T, and she proudly earned the 2019 ASCE Excellence in Journalism Award.

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About New Urbana
Based in the metropolitan Washington DC region, New Urbana combines the best of management consulting and venture studios to build companies, teams, and solutions that make a difference. Through outsourced innovation (Co-Labs), we leverage disruptive technologies, new business models and our Common-Sense Approach to change the form and function of innovation for critical infrastructure and the built environment. By improving the lifecycle management and operations of these assets, we ensure that businesses, residents, and governments thrive. The solutions and ventures we support target sustainable economic, environmental, and societal value, especially in underserved and under-resourced communities. To learn more about New Urbana visit