The IoT (Internet of Things) is helping with smart waste bin monitoring. To continue on an initial commitment to leveraging IoT networks at schools to improve the quality of campus life, eleven-x,, and the UBC (University of British Columbia),, have joined forces once again on a second Smart Campus initiative.

After initially teaming up for an Accessible Smart Parking Pilot, this second collaboration builds upon the first, as the two organizations will begin work on the Smart Waste Bin Monitoring Pilot project. This initiative will approach campus parking from an environmental standpoint by using realtime tracking to monitor and collect outdoor waste disposal or recycling more efficiently at these parking facilities.

As used on the first pilot project, UBC will make use of eleven-x’s nationwide LoRa WAN (long range wide area network) to track fill-level sensors embedded within waste and recycling bins around campus lots. Once a bin has been filled to its predetermined level, UBC parking maintenance receives an automatic service alert, notifying of certain locations that need collection.

While the first testing will only cover a small portion of the UBC campus, researchers hope the use of waste collection data will allow for optimized route planning and pick-up schedules, while lowering costs related to staff productivity and resource allocation.

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