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Platforms Ease IoT Adoption

To keep everything in sync, CyanConnode,, a company working in narrowband radio mesh networks, has unveiled new capabilities for its Omni IoT (Internet of Things) platform.

Here, multiple systems are managed through one centralized system, making it easier for users to integrate both new and old applications simultaneously.

The platform also involves communication protocols, along with network and device agnostics, that will reduce complexity and integration costs with all these various IoT network and application solutions in one place. This will work in conjunction with the platform’s transparent API (application programming interface), which allows for time efficiencies through rapid integration with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems.  

After leveraging the Omni IoT platform within smart meters in U.K.’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme, CyanConnode’s newly appointed Global Head of Integration Graeme Milligan will provide further technical and planning support on these new capabilities to meter data management systems in India, Iran, and Bangladesh.

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