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PLK Selects IoT Module

London-based Telit,, a global enabler of the IoT (Internet of Things), announced that Seoul, Korea-based PLK Technology (PLK),, has selected Telit’s SL869-V2 GNSS (global navigation satellite system) IoT module to deliver positioning functionality for Optian, a new product combining the features of an ADAS (advanced driver assistant system) and a high-end automotive black box.

ADAS are systems found in modern vehicles designed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicle safety and driver experience. Safety features in ADAS include warnings for collision and accident avoidance, which help drivers implement safeguards and sharpen their focus on control of the vehicle. Adaptive ADAS features help by automating lighting, providing adaptive cruise control and autonomous braking, incorporating GPS (global positioning system) and traffic warnings, connecting smartphones, alerting drivers about dangerous driving situations, keeping the driver within the lane of traffic, and enhancing visibility of the vehicle’s blind spots.

PLK’s Optian takes the functionality of a typical black box capable of post-processing accidents and adds ADAS capabilities to implement accident prevention measures, delivering lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and front car departure alert functions, Telit says. Optian uses the Telit SL869-V2 GPS module to sense displacement, from which it derives speed and distance between cars to warn the driver about the risk of collision.

Telit’s SL869-V2 is a subminiature multi-satellite receiver module that can be installed in vehicles, industrial, wearable, and portable digital devices. It delivers a high level of stability for navigation applications by tracking GPS and GLONASS (global navigation satellite system), Russia’s version of GPS, at the same time, relaying accurate and fast-refreshing positioning information.

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