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Connect Your Ride ZUS, a smart-car charger and car locator, will ensure you never again have to utter the words, “Dude, where’s your car?” The company promises consumers the opportunity to charge USB [...]

HISY Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote

Remote Selfies Pictures are a great way to hold onto great memories, memories that occur during one’s lifetime. How awesome is it to be in that group picture or class reunion or even family picture. B [...]


Progressive Snapshot: Deal or No Deal? Have you seen the fictional character Flo that appears in the Progressive Insurance Snapshot TV or radio commercials? Dating back to 2008, Flo has been explainin [...]


Wearable technology marries fashion and function. The EMBRACE+ connected bracelet is a piece of smart wearable technology that uses light and color to cater to your personality and changing moods, whi [...]

Car Connection

Making the Car Connection In order for technology to have an impact, it needs to be voluntary on the part of the end user. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. In other words, force something on [...]

Samsung TecTiles

I must say I was excited when I first heard smart NFC (near-field communication) tags can be purchased for the low price of $14.99—and even more eager to try out the stickers first hand. In this case, [...]

Kindle Fire HD

Building off the success of its Kindle Fire tablet, which made it to market just in time for last year’s holiday rush, Amazon once again is offering an option for those looking to jump into the tablet [...]

ZOMM Wireless Leash

Your Phone’s Little Helper Are you forgetful? Do you wish you had a personal assistant who followed you around and reminded you to take your phone with you wherever you go? If so, you would probably b [...]

DT Cell Phone Signal Booster

Tired of dropped calls? Aren’t we all. Wilson Electronics offers the DT (Desktop) Cell Phone Signal Booster to improve the performance of your cellphone by more than 15 times. How? By boosting your wi [...]

Sleek Cell Phone Signal Cradle Booster

In a society that requires connectivity, there’s little to no room for cellular “dead zones.” Whether you’re driving cross country or through a tunnel, you count on your cellphone’s ability to keep yo [...]

Samsung Portable Blu-ray Disc Player

Blu-Ray When You Want It The ability to watch blockbuster movies from your own couch has changed home entertainment forever—first through VHS, then DVD, and now Blu-ray and even 3D technology. Samsung [...]

itablet Thumb Keyboard

The Go-Anywhere Keyboard Be prepared to interact digitally anyplace, anytime! The itablet Thumb Keyboard from AHX Global is a Bluetooth keyboard with patented rear-facing touchpad that aims to replace [...]

Eye-Fi Connect X2

Instant Photo Sharing Digital cameras are cool. Spending time uploading and organizing photos isn’t. The Eye-Fi Connect X2 memory card puts the "cool" back into digital photography. All you have to do [...]


Three Days with WHERE Let’s say you are out of town for a couple of days or maybe you’re unfamiliar with your own city because you really don’t get out much. How are you going to find your way around? [...]

Samsung SH100

Capturing memories is an important part of making memories. With the Samsung SH100 14-megapixel Wi-Fi digital camera, you can share life as it’s happening by emailing photos to family and friends whil [...]


Entertain Your Little Genius Are we there yet? If you’re traveling with kids, expect a fair amount of whining, fighting, and crying—unless, of course, you’ve invested in a connected device to entertai [...]