Seek Thermal


Heat Seeker: Eyes in the Dark  The Seek Thermal imaging camera at first blush lives up to its name. You can see just about anything in the dark simply by taking advantage of thermal pixels to detect i [...]



Smarter Socks True fashion is a head-to-toe endeavor—and yes, that includes your socks. According to BLACKSOCKS, mankind is made for greater things than sorting socks. That is why this creative team h [...]

Philips Hue


No kidding, up and running in only a few minutes. After screwing in the bulbs and connecting the bridge into my wireless router, my journey with Philips hue began with ease. I’d say the company has ma [...]



You can’t be everywhere at once, but with all the connected devices and systems available to consumers today, there’s no reason you can’t check in on the people you care about—even when you must be so [...]

Dropcam HD


Dropcam HD, a tiny Wi-Fi-connected video camera, lets you monitor your home, or anything else that’s important to you, from afar. Via the free Dropcam app, you can stream live 720p HD video of your so [...]



I’ve found a friend in a talking rabbit, but it isn’t 6-foot tall and its name isn’t Harvey. Its name is Karotz, it’s about 1-foot high, and my rabbit friend is actually more like a personal assistant [...]

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