Connected Home

Y-cam Eyeball


Rest at Ease Don’t trust the pet sitter? Can’t relax until you know your baseball-card collection is still safe? Connected home-surveillance solutions give you the peace of mind you need while away fr [...]



Multitasking Photo Frame chumby8, by chumby industries, is like a photo frame on steroids. The sleek-looking device is 8.7 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall, with an 8-inch 800x600 LCD touchscreen. chu [...]



Like a Fine Wine “Let me show you how this is done. First thing, hold the glass up and examine the wine against the light. You're looking for color and clarity. Just get a sense of it. OK? Thick? Thin [...]

inMotion Air


Music on Your Terms Like listening to your digital music collection even while you’re not at your computer? Prefer listening to tunes from real speakers, not earbuds? Altec Lansing offers inMotion Air [...]



Web DASH-Board If you access the Internet on a daily basis, enjoy fresh Web content, and covet sleek-looking devices, put Sony’s DASH Personal Internet Viewer on your most-wanted list. DASH delivers i [...]



Connected Digital Frame Mom likes to receive pictures of you and the grandkids; she understands this is the digital age, and even encourages receiving pictures in this format; she wants a cool digital [...]



The “gas stations” of the future will be sleek, stylish, and smart. WattStation is GE's line of freestanding EV (electric-vehicle) chargers that making charging your electric ride a reality--both at h [...]

Roku HD


Rok(u) Your TV Experience Streaming Internet movies and TV shows and surfing the Web straight from your television screen certainly seems great, but who has the money to just replace their television? [...]

CEIVA Pro 80


Photo Sharing Made Simple Okay I’ll admit it; I’m that girl. You know, that girl who doesn’t go anywhere without her camera? In fact on a day with a particularly good chance of memories being made, I [...]

Schlage LiNK


Schlage LiNK Provides Peace of Mind Security, comfort, and convenience: The average consumer doesn’t need to worry about these issues when they are at home. That’s right. M2M (machine-to-machine) tech [...]



Prepare for next summer by gifting iGrill by iDevices Inc., a connected solution for grilling and cooking. First, stick the thermometer’s probe into your meat and select a desired internal temperature [...]

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