Jawbone UP


If knowledge is power, then Jawbone UP challenges you to get to know yourself. That way, you can make the best, most informed choices possible when striving to live a healthy life. Jawbone UP is a wri [...]

iBike Dash CC


Cycling Buddy Take your bike ride to the next level with the iBike Dash Cycling Computer. It’s designed to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a cycling monitor that can analyze all the details of you [...]

Nike+ SportBand


Running Goes High-Tech with Nike+ Sure, technology can be frustrating. Remotes have too many buttons, cellphones drop your calls, and GPS units promise there really is an IKEA at the end of this aband [...]



Catch the Exercise "Bugg" Be forewarned: If you commit to using the BodyBugg, you commit to using the BodyBugg. But that’s okay, because those that are willing to pay the price—$199—are typically pret [...]

Fitbit Tracker


Fitbit Tracker is essentially a small clip you can affix to your clothing or even place in your pocket. From there it tracks useful information about your daily activities. The device senses your moti [...]

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