Prism Skylabs,, says it has opened up its platform to device manufacturers, powering a new type of visual sensor with broad applications in retail and other consumer-facing businesses.

With Prism Connect, a multitude of low-cost, connected-video devices can now run Prism’s analytics, data visualization, and privacy-protection software. Prism Connect possesses powerful analytics that enable in-depth understanding of movement, interaction, and activity. Its out-of-the-box cloud connectivity allows for immediate installation, calibration, and infinite storage. In addition, Prism Connect’s bandwidth reduction and privacy protection enable broader applications to serve new markets. Along with that, it is accessible with its mobile app to remotely browse, search, and view imagery.

More than 10 companies have joined the Prism Connect program, which includes Samsung,, Sony Electronics,, Intel,, and Cisco, These companies have the ability to integrate Prism’s software into next-generation sensors. Additionally, Prism Connect can be embedded on cameras from Axis Communications,, using the ACAP (axis camera application platform).

The first camera powered by Prism is prepared to launch later this month. The company also plans to launch an updated mobile application that interacts with cameras and sensor networks, allowing retailers and other businesses to instantly search and find any moment or event, while being able to quickly browse through video imagery.

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