At the heart of the global economy are small and medium-sized businesses. The IoT (Internet of Things) is changing the status quo for these SMBs in all verticals as they adopt technology solutions and compete for their share of the market. File sharing in the cloud is becoming more important for collaboration and productivity in today’s corporate environments, but data security still remains a top concern.

One company, Connected Data,, has released two new private cloud file sync and share appliances that are designed specifically for small businesses, departments, and remote offices. Connected Data is the creator of Transporter, a private cloud storage appliance that allows consumers and businesses to sync, access, share, and protect data at a low cost.

With the release of the Transporter 15 and 30 storage devices, Connected Data is expanding its portfolio from the consumer to the enterprise realm. The new devices help keep business data private because it is stored onsite, making it the only cloud file sync and share solution that complies with legal, financial, government, and healthcare organizations, according to the company.

The Transporter solutions support employees’ need to use and manipulate files from authorized devices while leveraging existing infrastructure to avoid hefty backend costs. Connected Data says the new appliances offer the same benefits and user experience as public cloud solutions such as Dropbox.

Jim Sherhart, vice president of marketing for Connected Data, says although the file sync and share market has “revolutionized” the way people manage and share business content, the value is limited by a lack of security he says is inherent with cloud implementations. And while public cloud storage solutions have had a positive impact on workforce productivity, businesses dealing with sensitive data must find ways to leverage the benefits of cloud technology without exposing their data and devices to undue risk.

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