Project Description

Smarter Socks
True fashion is a head-to-toe endeavor—and yes, that includes your socks. According to BLACKSOCKS, mankind is made for greater things than sorting socks. That is why this creative team has invented Smarter Socks, a connected system to help you sort socks and figure out which two go together. Smarter Socks with Plus+ technology include a tiny RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip that acts as a unique identifier

Download the BLACKSOCKS iPhone app and, together with the RFID-reading Sock Sorter device, you can easily scan each sock, take inventory, and figure out which sock belongs to which partner. The Sock Sorter reads RFID chips via NFC (near-field communication), then communicates the identifying data to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Using your smartphone’s camera, the app will even help you determine when your socks are too faded to wear.

BLACKSOCKS makes it easy to replenish your all-important sock supply straight from the app.

$189 with 10 pairs of socks and the scanner