Project Description

Serious GPS for Golfers
If there is a golfer in your life, or if you find yourself playing a round to unwind, Bushnell offers a connected device perfectly suited to make your next 18 holes your best ever. Bushnell’s Hybrid Laser GPS device is a combination laser rangefinder and GPS unit in one.

The “laser-rangefinding” technology provides precise distances (within one yard) to virtually any point on the course. In fact, nine in 10 PGA Tour pros agree. PinSeeker Technology also provides 5x magnification. The Hybrid’s GPS function gives you access to more than 16,000 preloaded North American golf courses and distances to the front, center, and back of green.

The Hybrid also offers four custom points on a hole to help with blind tee shots, and “shot distance mode,” which helps you gauge how far a drive or an approach was hit. Bushnell’s Hybrid is ready out of the box—meaning there are no additional fees—and it is legal for tournament play.