Project Description

GPS Adventure Cam
The ContourGPS cam records full-HD 1080p video, plus features embedded GPS connectivity. The device can be mounted on a helmet (or just about any apparatus you’d like to risk your life on)—be it skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, mountain bike, or dirt bike. It not only captures your adventures in high definition, it logs location, altitude, and speed data thanks to a built-in GPS receiver and AssistNow technology.

With a 135-degree wide-angle rotating lens, the camera can tell your adventure story even better than you can. Unlike other helmet cams that sit on top of your helmet and point downward, ContourGPS can be mounted on the side for a more first-person viewing experience. At the same time, the camera maintains a low profile, so it doesn’t stick out and wreak havoc. The device is both small and light, weighing a mere 5.3 ounces.

Contour Connect connects ContourGPS cameras to iPhones and iPod touch devices via Bluetooth. The feature requires a Contour Connect View Card ($29.99) that slides into a slot next to the camera’s battery. Once the card is installed, download the Contour mobile app, pair the two devices, and your smartphone will become a wireless viewfinder. This means you can preview what your camera sees before you begin recording and wirelessly adjust camera settings in realtime.

Mounts (sold separately) include a Roll Bar Mount, a Surf-Wake Mount, a Picatinny Mount, a Vented Helmet Mount, and a Windshield Mount, among others.