Project Description

MedCenter Gets the Job Done
MedCenter helps you remember in the hurry of your everyday life. Have you ever forgotten to take a pill? Chances are the answer is yes, but with IoT (Internet of Things) you can simplify the process by receiving daily reminders.

Medication adherence is the term given to how well patients follow their doctors prescribed medication routine. Doctors and pharmacists agree that medication adherence is vital to getting the maximum benefit from your course of treatment.

Yet, in the pandemonium of our day to day lives, we often forget to take these essential medications.

MedCenter spotted a gap in the market and created a connected device to help you remember your meds, called the Daily XL Travel Pill Organizer and Reminder.

The organizer is a four-cavity pill box housed in a black nylon case with a Velcro flap. The case has a plastic clip in case you needed to attach it to your gym bag or something similar. The front of the pill case has an electronic component that looks like a standard digital watch.

This watch has a large LCD backlit screen that is easy to view. You can access a variety of features from this watch, including setting up to five daily alarms, and a stopwatch and countdown timer.

The device is also water resistant to a depth of 50 meters, which is useful if you drop it in the ocean and happen to live next to a Navy Seal. Otherwise, take comfort that global water levels are drying up so you should be able to retrieve your pills intact within the next couple of decades.

A major design oversight is how difficult it is to get the pill box lids to open. As an able bodied person struggling with it, I can only imagine how much difficulty the elderly or infirmed might have. While opening and closing the pill lid is a problem, I was quickly able to solve the problem with a little sand paper from my local hardware store. With a few simple strokes, I was able to soften the lid adherence and opening and closing the pill box is now a snap—literally.

The most appealing aspect of MedCenter is that it comes with an app that is compatible with iPhone and Android. The app can be set up to four daily reminders. Features of the app include: four daily alarms and taking pill reminder alerts. The company says it can work for medications, vitamins, and supplements. Additionally, it works with the entire line of MedCenter Medication Organization products. Thus, caregivers and family are able to monitor the patient remotely as there is a cellular device embedded in the pillbox.

The home screen shows time, date, day of week, and four current alarms. The app also has screens for settings, more information, and shopping, which enables shopping in the MedCenter Website.

Overall, the product continues to improve giving patients the extra reminder they need while assuring family members of medication adherence. All-in-all MedCenter gets the job done.