Project Description

The thought of a house fire can be terrifying, especially if you’re a caregiver. In the event there is an emergency in your home, connected solutions such as Direct Connect 911 fire alarms by PlugNProtect could add an extra layer of safety to your situation.

Imagine what would happen if the fire alarms currently installed in your home were to go off. Do you have young children or elderly relatives at home who may panic or not know what to do? The results could be devastating. Direct Connect 911 alarms are more than just typical smoke detectors; they’re cellular-equipped devices that can automatically notify up to three contacts and an emergency operator in the event of a fire.

The device works out of the box; simply install it on your wall or ceiling. When smoke is detected, the device will immediately notify an emergency operator who will contact the fire department. Receive free email and text notifications if there is an alarm, a low battery, a manual trigger, or another issue. You may even be able to save on your homeowners insurance after activating Direct Connect 911.

The idea that a smoke detector can not only sound an alarm, but call you (and call for help) is game changing. It’s just one more way you can ensure your dependents’ safety.

Senior Monitoring: In addition to the Direct Connect 911 fire alarm, PlugNProtect offers a monitoring system for seniors. The system consists of a lightweight, waterproof pendant with an emergency button that can be worn as a wristband or necklace; along with a hands-free, two-way voice console. If ever needed, a senior could simply press the button on the pendant to access emergency-dispatch specialists and responders.