Project Description

Wearable technology marries fashion and function. The EMBRACE+ connected bracelet is a piece of smart wearable technology that uses light and color to cater to your personality and changing moods, while keeping you informed. With EMBRACE+, you can go about your everyday life without feeling tied to your smartphone. You’ll be alerted to important changes and notifications via the bracelet, which doubles as a wardrobe enhancer.

Download the app for iPhone or Android and pair the bracelet with your smartphone. When you receive a notification on the bracelet, your smartphone will communicate with EMBRACE+ via Bluetooth.

Next, customize the experience by selecting which color(s) and light pattern you want the bracelet to display when you receive a call, a text message, an email, or a notification from social-media sites. Using the EMBRACE+ app, you can choose different colors, a certain number of blinks (with adjustable duration and speed intervals), or even a subtle vibration to help you differentiate among types of alerts. The trick then becomes remembering what each combination means.

You can also create alert “profiles” based on time of day. For instance, your notification choices might be different when you’re in the office versus when you’re at the bar.

EMBRACE+ comes in three sizes and is created to be comfortable, attractive, and universal. The battery will last about 10 days depending on usage, and has a theoretical range of about 30 meters, although in practice it’s more like 10-15 meters. The device is waterproof, so it will not need to be removed in the shower, during workouts, or when you get caught in the rain.