Project Description

Instant Photo Sharing
Digital cameras are cool. Spending time uploading and organizing photos isn’t. The Eye-Fi Connect X2 memory card puts the “cool” back into digital photography. All you have to do is swap your standard memory card for the Wi-Fi-connected one and you’re good to go.

After your day at the zoo, the county fair, or your tropical vacation, Connect X2 will automatically send the pictures to your computer via your home’s Wi-Fi network, organizing them appropriately. You can even set it up so your photos are uploaded to your favorite social media sites. As photos are sent to your computer you have the option of having them deleted  from your camera, eliminating another uncool part of the digital photography experience—erasing photos one by one.

We like this product for its simplicity and affordability ($49.99 for the 4GB card). Eye-Fi also offers an 8GB version, the Explore X2, for $99.99.

While connected cameras are beginning to catch on, many of us aren’t willing to part with our regular camera for a fully connected model quite yet. This product eliminates that expense, allowing you to dabble in connected photography without having to replace your camera. The company even offers a free Eye-Fi app for the iPhone, which allows for unlimited photo and video uploads straight from your iPhone to your computer or to the Web.