Project Description

Wearable connected devices can help integrate fitness into the wearer’s daily lifestyle. With Fitbit Flex, a sleek-looking wristband, you can easily keep track of stats such as distance traveled, number of steps taken, number of active minutes, number of calories burned, hours slept, and even your quality of sleep. The device uses a built-in accelerometer to quantify these metrics, which can help paint a personalized picture of your day-to-day wellness choices.

Fitbit Flex does not have a display screen, but it does offer the benefit of a visual indicator of your progress toward a daily activity target. The wristband has a series of LED lights that illuminate as you complete each 20% increment of your goal. The visual reminder provides a boost of motivation to go that extra mile.

Wear the Fitbit Flex day and night. The accelerometer will keep track of how long and how well you slept based on the number of times it believes you woke up. While the accelerometer for tracking sleep may not be foolproof, at least it’s more data than you had before. Fitbit Flex even offers a silent alarm; the wristband will vibrate when it’s time to wake up. One charge lasts up to five days.

With built-in Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the device automatically syncs to a PC or Mac when within 20 feet of the wireless dongle. Or, you can wirelessly sync the data to a mobile device using Fitbit’s free app for iPhone and Android. Included with the device is a membership to