Project Description

Fitbit Tracker is essentially a small clip you can affix to your clothing or even place in your pocket. From there it tracks useful information about your daily activities. The device senses your motion, converts this into information, and uploads your data every 15 minutes provided you are within about 15-ft. of a plugged-in base station (your computer).

Connected World likes to consider the Fitbit Tracker an ambitious tracker. The device doesn’t just want to track your activities; it aims to help you become more mindful of how you are carrying out these activities.

For example, the device does not simply count the number o steps you’ve taken during the course of the day; it provides an assessment of the intensity and duration of those steps. And there is no rest for the Fitbit Tracker once you lay your head down at night—the device gauges your sleeping patterns and habits, providing data on how long it takes you to fall asleep, the number of times you woke up throughout the night, and how long you were actually asleep rather than just lying in bed.

According to the company, some customers say they are even using the Fitbit’s tracker functionality to monitor their blood glucose levels.

The device has undoubtedly captured the attention of many health-conscious consumers, as it has been on back order multiple times on the company’s Website. The device is also carried by retail chains like Best Buy.

The product seems to be a good fit for those that want a manageable way to track their health statistics on a daily basis.


  • A full battery will last 5-10 days
  • More than just a tracker
  • No straps necessary or secondary devices required to use
  • Can be used to monitor sleep patterns