Project Description

Remote Selfies
Pictures are a great way to hold onto great memories, memories that occur during one’s lifetime. How awesome is it to be in that group picture or class reunion or even family picture. But there is always one person that is left out of that great group picture, because he or she has elected to be the photographer for that very special moment.

Even though there is the timer option for cameras and cellphones to help take pictures, someone still has to push the timer button and then race against time get into position without becoming a blurred object in the photo. That is where HISY Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote comes in. HISY helps make group photos a lot easier to take and selfies are a snap with the included stand. The remote also comes with a charm that can connect to a headphone jack so as a photographer I can bring it anywhere without forgetting it or losing it.

As I noted earlier, while many products need an app before taking advantage of it, one of the nice features here is that I was able to begin taking pictures the moment I pulled it out of the box. I liked the simplicity, since a lot of products expect you to download the app before you do anything else with their products. The HISY was ready to use in minutes with an easy set-up. All I had to do was connect my phone to its Bluetooth and voila! I was ready to take some pictures.

I think this product is a really good idea and works well with my iPhone. Although the Apple iOS 8 software comes with a built-in timer on your camera, the HISY still stands on top. The HISY remote has something that Apple does not at the moment—remote video capturing. The HISY not only takes pictures with the remote push of a button, but it also takes videos. This is a great asset that allows a user to take videos of themselves or whatever they would like, without having to awkwardly hold the device.

HISY is also a perfect product for travelers. I enjoy traveling and taking an abundant amount of pictures of the scenery and activities I do while on a trip. But when I want to be in a picture, I am a little hesitant when asking a stranger anywhere I go to hold my device and snap a picture of me; not only for safety reasons, but on their picture-taking skills as well. So, the long-lasting battery of the HISY remote comes in handy when it comes to groups and especially individuals who love to travel and capture the moments of their adventures.

Don’t get me wrong, the HISY remote is not just for group events and traveling. The HISY remote and stand was made for the selfie-takers. Many people nowadays like to follow the fad of taking selfies. The HISY remote and stand work well to help you avoid those awkward angles of holding onto the phone while trying to pose for a picture. The stand allows you to pose however you want and at any distance too. Another advantage about the remote is that you can be a good distance away from your device and the remote still works. The product says it can range all the way up to 90-ft. away! And don’t worry about the remote dying anytime soon. The battery life expectancy is about two years.

Although there are many great assets to this product, there are a few things that could deter people away from purchasing this item. First, this product is only compatible with Apple devices, leaving out Android and Windows users. But, HISY just came out with an Android compatible device called “HALO”. But unlike HISY, HALO needs an app.

Back to the HISY, other than for traveling purposes, the charm to attach the remote to your phone may be something not everyone wants to use. I would probably leave it in my purse especially if I plan on using my headphone jack for other purposes. The last thing about the HISY Wireless Smartphone Camera is the plastic stand. I like that it can be folded, but it seems like it would be easy to break and when I was taking a group picture, I noticed the stand tilts the phone so there is a lot of ceiling space in my pictures. I would like to see a better stand if there is ever an updated version, but other than that, I really enjoyed using the HISY camera remote.

Although it has some minor setbacks, this product is worth its $24.99 price tag for your captured memories without blurriness, no more awkward hand-holding selfies, and push-to-start video recording. It has a one year warranty and is available in five different colors such as aqua, hot pink, neon green, black, and white. The HISY may not be Connected World’s usual M2M product to review, but with its simple and easy to install components, it would make an ideal stocking stuffer.

If you are looking for a product that helps take great group-shot pictures, easy-to-take selfies, a remote charm that you can take anywhere, and a product that does this wirelessly through Bluetooth, HISY Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote without App is the product for you.

Unique Feature:

  • This product doesn’t need an app, just connect to Bluetooth

The Good:

  • Perfect for no “beat the timer” group pictures
  • No need to ask strangers to hold your expensive devices
  • Remote start to record videos

The Bad:

  • The stand tilts the phone so there is a lot of ceiling in your pictures
  • Not everyone will use the charm to attach phone