Project Description

For those of you who may not already know, I have another baby on the way. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was planning for my first and looking for the best baby monitor on the market. Now I am at it again, and was eager when I had the opportunity to test the iBaby Monitor M6.

The product, dubbed the ‘wireless baby monitor’ by some and a ‘helping hand’ by others aims to provide a sleek and sophisticated device with an intuitive user experience. What is included? A high-resolution wireless camera and the ability to record your baby, send alerts, and share video with multiple users.

One of the pros of this device is the easy installation. The company claims automatic installation in less than 60 seconds, and while it took me a bit longer (blame it on user error or my extremely slow phone and Internet connection), it was a fairly simple setup. All I had to do was download iBaby Care. While I was using an Android device, it is also available on iOS devices as well. From there, I simply connected the USB cable into the monitor and plugged the monitor into the wall, and everything was automatically installed.

This is where the fun part came in. I set the monitor up in my baby’s bedroom and waited for nap time to try out all the cool features. Like many of the other baby monitors on the market, you are able to talk to your baby and even record favorite songs or stories to play on the monitor. Honestly, my baby was more startled by the sudden sound, than calmed by the music, but that is just my kid’s personality. I am sure there are some that would find this feature truly beneficial.

Like many products also on the market, this one has HD video, 24/7 monitoring, two-way audio, a music player, video recording, and visual alert notifications. What makes this product stand out, however, is the integrated social platform where you are able to share your baby’s live journal parenthood experience, and even receive advice from peers. Personally, I am not a huge fan of sharing videos and photos of my baby on the Internet—my husband is an entirely different story—but I could see how integrating the content gathered through the monitor and directly integrating with social media could be very appealing for some.

Here is the feature I couldn’t get enough of: the monitor’s ability to tilt the camera angle with just a swipe of a finger on a mobile device or tablet. It sounds like a simple enough feature, but based on my experiences monitoring my baby from afar on a daily basis I have to say this is a much-needed feature. With my old monitor, I can’t tell you how many times the monitor has been moved throughout the day and I only realize it after I put the baby down for bed and discover I can only see him if he is on the far right side of his crib—or worse not at all! There is nothing more frustrating than having the ability to see your baby, but not having the camera lined up correctly and the only solution is to walk into his room and move it. This feature will become even handier as he gets older and (eek) soon learns how to climb his crib.

I am pleased to say my overall experience with the iBaby Monitor M6 was a good one. Perhaps my only complaint is the tracking and monitoring is done primarily by an app. If my phone is charging, it makes it hard to constantly monitor. I personally like to have the option for a separate method to watch my baby, in addition to the app.

Overall, however, I thoroughly enjoyed my time testing this product, and I believe some of the features will be beneficial to parents, depending on what type of functionality they are looking for.