Project Description

A strapless heart-rate monitor built for performance, Mio Alpha is a silicone wristband that helps endurance athletes stay within their target heart-rate zone. Mio Alpha relies on sensors and algorithms to detect the volume of blood beneath your skin and detect a pulse.

The device offers a display of data, “zone” settings with alerts (audio and visual), a clock and workout timer, as well as the ability to review workout data. Bluetooth Smart connectivity lets you upload the data to a device for training purposes. Several compatible apps for iOS are available. The system is compatible with a few Android apps, but it is mostly targeted at iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users.

Mio Alpha, while more than stylish enough for a workout watch, may not be quite stylish enough to wear outside of workouts. Plus, it’s targeted at athletes looking to maximize performance. However, rather than viewing the device as a one-trick pony, we believe Mio Alpha is a specialized device with a clear audience. Its method of capturing heart rate (sans chest strap) makes it a winner.