Project Description

Golf and Fitness Tracker
Next time you plan on playing a round of golf, bring Motorola’s MOTOACTV wireless fitness watch. The Golf Edition comes preloaded with golf software that lets you track your golf game on more than 20,000 courses worldwide. The GPS-enabled wristwatch tracks all your crucial distances, including yardage to the front, back, and center of the green, and distance from hazards. A “virtual caddy” feature keeps track of your key stats, plus your scorecards.

Thanks to MOTOACTV’s wireless connectivity, you can upload your performance data to the Web portal (deemed the “clubhouse”) via Wi-Fi. After syncing your golf rounds and stats to, you can take an even more in-depth look at your game. If you download the free MOTOACTV app for Android, you can have calls and texts pushed to the device straight from your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

MOTOACTV can track more than just golf. If you plan on having an active vacation, use MOTOACTV to track running, hiking, and cycling workouts, among many other types. AccuSense sensors and GPS track your time, distance, speed, elevation, and calories burned. The data is uploaded automatically when within Wi-Fi range. Once the device syncs up with, you can analyze past and present data from anywhere. MOTOACTV even works with ANT+-compatible fitness products like heart-rate monitors and bike sensors.