Project Description

The next-generation Wi-Fi-connected Nest Learning Thermostat helps you work with your home to save energy. It pays attention to your commands and programs itself in a week’s time to carry on without your help. Built-in activity, humidity, and temperature sensors give Nest context, helping it create a personalized temperature schedule based on how you live your life, even keeping track of the weather forecast to predict how it will affect your energy needs.

Nest says increased compatibility is a great reason to give its connected thermostat this season; the next-generation device is now compatible with 95% of low-voltage heating and cooling systems in U.S. homes. Next-generation Nest supports remote control from Web browsers and mobile devices such as Android and Apple smartphones and tablets via the Nest app, meaning you can monitor and control your home’s temperature from anywhere. The thermostat requires installation, though the company says three out of four people can install the device within 30 minutes.

This one-of-a-kind gift will save homeowners money on their energy bills. The next-generation Nest is slimmer and smarter than ever before, and it helps homeowners be smart, too. The device is a great entry point into home automation, making it a little easier to say you have a connected home.