Project Description

Nintendo’s next-gen Wii game console, Wii U, will do more than just play games. Its wireless connectivity allows you to browse the Internet and even stream services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus to your TV. We’re excited about the unique Wii U GamePad controller, which includes a 6.2-inch, LCD touchscreen (in addition to traditional button controls), plus motion sensors, NFC (near-field communication) technology, and a built-in camera so you can video chat with other Wii U owners in realtime. While graphics may not compare to other leading game systems on the market, Nintendo has a knack for introducing game-changing hardware that leaves us wanting more.

Wii U is set to once again change the way gamers game as a result of its new GamePad controller. With the Wii franchise, Nintendo has opened up its target audience to all ages, thanks to its wide range of interactive games for both casual and serious gamers.