Project Description

Already popular among many consumers, Pebble has 85,000 ‘pebblers’ and counting. The epaper watch launched on Kickstarter last year, and generated more than $10 million from roughly 68,000 backers in just 37 days. The company put that money to use, creating a smartwatch that works with iOS and Android, and is available in retailers and online.

Pebble has the ability to read texts, emails, and other social media messages subtly from your wrist. This timepiece will even vibrate when you receive an alert, and with a shake of your wrist the notification can be dismissed.

The device is waterproof, with a rechargeable battery that lasts for about seven days, and is available in different colors. Using the Pebble app, you can also choose a different watchface to display on the epaper.

The company now has its eyes set on adding more apps for cyclists, runners, golfers, music lovers, and more. Also, using the accelerometer, your watch can tell you when the next bus is leaving or allow you to check-in at a location. Now that is one connected device to watch.