Project Description

Rok(u) Your TV Experience
Streaming Internet movies and TV shows and surfing the Web straight from your television screen certainly seems great, but who has the money to just replace their television? With products like Roku HD, your connected-TV strategy doesn’t need to be rip and replace, but rather connect and stream.

Simply plug the Roku box into your television (according to the company it is compatible with most units on the market), add the device to your wireless network, and begin streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Pandora, and more. The key word here is ‘stream,’ meaning Roku provides immediate access to programming without the need to store files locally on a hard drive.

We like this product for its low price (just under $60), relatively easy setup (connects to high-speed Internet wirelessly), and selection of programming. Many people complain about their cable or satellite provider, yet are weary about making the switch to Internet programming. Roku is a nice entry point for those that want to explore whether or not the option of ‘cutting the cable’ is indeed the ultimate solution.