Project Description

The Samsung GALAXY Gear appears to be mixing efficiency with a certain “cool” factor. The device is meant to look sleek and fashionable (it comes in black, gray, orange, beige, gold, or green). But its voice-activated call feature may be what captures the most attention, as it allows you to use it like the wrist communicators worn by characters like Dick Tracy and Captain James T. Kirk.

Samsung encourages you to let the GALAXY Gear record memorable moments. The device comes with a 1.9 megapixel camera, which can take photos and record video while the device is in motion. Similarly, GALAXY Gear’s Voice Memo feature lets the wearer record and save important thoughts or conversations at a moment’s notice.

The device also comes with an auto lock feature, which automatically secures your smartphone unless the device is within 1.5 meters. The GALAXY Gear is also equipped with a “Find My Device” feature, pedometer capabilities, and can control the music played on any Samsung device.

With this wearable, Samsung is betting you won’t have to choose between coolness and efficiency.