Project Description

Blu-Ray When You Want It
The ability to watch blockbuster movies from your own couch has changed home entertainment forever—first through VHS, then DVD, and now Blu-ray and even 3D technology. Samsung’s Portable Blu-ray Disc Player (model BD-C8000) brings this to the next level by allowing you to experience the latest in viewing technology from a portable device.

BD-C8000 displays your film on a 10.3-inch screen in full HD 1080p quality. Three-hour battery life ensures you can watch an entire movie without the need for an outlet or cord. Built-in wireless connectivity lets you sync to your home network for access to Web content, including Samsung Apps such as Blockbuster On Demand and Netflix, Facebook, Pandora, Google Maps, and many more.

The portable player can even support 3D playback when connected to a 3D TV. The device also features HD upconversion technology, which makes your regular DVDs look more like HD; Ultra-Fast Play mode; and 1 GB of built-in memory. At 3.7 pounds, the device can easily pack for a road trip or in your carryon luggage.

Beyond the Living Room: With Samsung’s Portable Blu-ray Disc Player you can experience Blu-ray beyond the living room. Movie date night? Skip the babysitter and set the kids up with their own Blu-ray in the other room, while you and your wife watch the latest action comedy. Or dodge the horror film your roommate is watching for a romantic comedy thanks to the BD-C8000.