Project Description

Sony got a jumpstart on the smartwatch market, releasing its first iteration of the device in 2012, and has since built on its capabilities, releasing Sony SmartWatch 2.

Working with any device running Android 4.0 or later, the smartwatch has must-have features such as notifications, controlling music, and showing who is calling. It will even gently vibrate to alert you to check your watch. Here is a big one: it is water and dust resistant (some smartwatches aren’t). This one also features a multi-layer color touchscreen.

However, it is the connectivity that will pique the interest of the truly tech-savvy. Staying one step ahead, this smartwatch is one of the firsts with NFC (near-field communication), allowing you to tap your phone to the clock to reconnect.

Also, Sony updates the software as new apps become available. You can already choose from hundreds of apps available in Google Play, giving you the opportunity to use the watch to take a pic, control a presentation, check a bike route, and so much more.