Project Description

At a $269.99 price point, the SteelSeries H Wireless Headset is by far the best option currently available for serious gamers, movie watchers, or audiophiles. Beyond good looks and comfort, the product has so many compelling factors that set it apart from its lesser competitors that most readers will probably be looking for one on Amazon or Best Buy before finishing this article!

Let’s first talk about compatibility and software. This headset defines the meaning of plug and play. Being driverless, it takes seconds to get it up and running. It’s compatible with the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, OS X, and yes, your phone. The base station features multiple methods of connecting to devices: USB, analog, and optical. The station has a vibrant OLED display with brightness control. It also has a slot to put your backup battery into. This headset comes with two batteries that can be easily swapped by swiveling the cover off of your headphone, and switching the batteries, which allows for endless runtime

So if you like to extend to a variety of forms of entertainment such as TV, movies, video streaming, and other media devices beyond gaming, the SteelSeries H has you covered. To enhance this experience, each SteelSeries H comes with a mobile cable so users can easily connect to the headset’s Sound Share port to be used with any mobile device. I love watching movies and listening to music with friends and its Sound Share port lets that happen. It’s a multimedia gaming headset, which brings up the next point: software.

The SteelSeries H features Livemix, Chatmix, and EQ settings to accompany the DAC (digital-to-analog converter) built into the base station. Livemix and Chatmix work together to make an unforgettable experience by tuning down game volume and pumping up chat volume or vice versa, keeping you in the loop while in an intense gaming session.

I found myself adjusting these settings often. As I played Battlefield 4, I would lower the chat volume and boost the game volume to immerse myself in the game.

These adjustments are easy to make and can be done on the fly without even touching the base station. The volume dial works as a selector for the base station as well, making changing settings an ease.

Both of these programs are very easy to use and work well when you have custom settings using the built in EQ. The EQ features presets such as, balance, performance, and entertainment. It also allows you to make your own adjustments to the balance. We found that the sound quality was very good, but the lower basses were kind of lacking, which could be fixed using the EQ.

While the audio quality is amazing, it doesn’t get all that loud. I believe when I am spending this much on a headset, it should get very loud, but this headset just doesn’t do that. It boasts 100 db, but it didn’t feel like it actually did that. The weak link in this volume equation is the mic, which could be better in such a premium headset. Mic adjustments, however, are superb and the mic is omnidirectional and retractable, which allows you to put it right where you want it. Audio is further enhanced by Dolby 7.1, which when paired with all of the other software, creates an immersive, theatre like experience during gaming sessions, listening to music or watching movies.

With Dolby 7.1, it was easy to hear where the enemy was coming from in Battlefield 4. In immersive games like Skyrim, I was able to take in the full effect of the background noises, making me truly experience the game as if I was actually there. And because the headset is wireless you can literally walk 75 feet away from the base station and still receive a strong signal even if there are walls in the way.

Comfort is one of the most important factors to think about when buying a headset. The SteelSeries H sports the most comfortable pleather on the market, covering a slow rebounding memory foam, which molds to your head. The headband is very comfortable. No matter the size of your head, this headset can be adjusted to make a comfortable fit for people to want to embrace superior audio quality.

Unlike many wireless headsets, the SteelSeries H features swappable batteries, true plug and play ability, Dolby 7.1, comfort, and a sleek look to boot. For the money we’d rate it a solid buy.