Project Description

The Swingbyte Golf Swing Analyzer is a product we cannot get back from one of our editors (he refuses to give it up). For $149, this golf-swing analysis tool will provide realtime feedback to a golfer’s mobile device, including both iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices. Simply attach the lightweight Swingbyte sensor to a golf club (right beneath the grip), and swing away. As soon as the club contacts the ball, the device will wirelessly send data via Bluetooth to your device.

Open the free app to analyze the data, which includes 3D imagery of the swing, along with club head speed, path, plane, and angle on impact. We found this to be particularly helpful on the driving range, where we can take a mulligan or two (or three) and perfect that swing based on the data received from this connected device.

Always a plus is the fact the Swingbyte sensor weighs less than an ounce, so it won’t weigh down the golf bag. If you don’t want to analyze your swing data right there on the course, it will be stored in the cloud for later reference. Armed with this data in realtime, golfers can identify weak points and work to correct them before arriving at the next hole.